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Sacred Reciprocity as a key to your prosperity

Sacred Reciprocity is the currency that allows us to flow gracefully in life. Sacred Reciprocity is the giving and receiving current. When this current is active and balanced, we experience prosperity. We share only from our abundance and think of our prosperity as the feathers we receive to fly. Abundance is a direct result of our prosperity. Whenever the flow is not balanced, check to see how you are giving and receiving in life. Are you giving too much and not allowing yourself to receive? Or conversely, are you receiving a lot and not giving more of yourself. Making these small adjustments in your life can create tremendous magical shifts in one’s life when it comes to manifestation. Bring the balance and prosperity flows!

If you feel that you have any blockages, scheduling a consultation will help to clear path and open one's vision.

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---Nina, Spirit Tour Guide

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