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Renewal & Recreation

Updated: Jun 9

This is your week to end old ways of destructive behavior by digging into your ancient roots and reclaiming who you are.

What a way to start off the weekend! A little bit of tower and the crumbling of what isn’t assisting you on your evolution followed by the star giving you glimpses of hope and new blessings. We are also moving into the moon card which can feel like the unknown especially as we end the week with a New Moon. Take this time to do daily rituals with water this week. Take a bath with salt to remove toxins from the body with a mixture of baking soda to rebalance your hormones. Honor the Earth of your ancient ancestors by going back to old traditions and putting a new spin on them. Then, share this with others. ‘Recreation’ is the theme of the week as we start off with the tower and end with the Seven of Air that tells us to be patient with the process you are going through. Take time to educate yourself on the new path so that you can be established in a craft that brings you peace and allows you to live with integrity and authenticity.

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