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I don't remember the last time that I did a puzzle,but I've been finding new ways to meditate. A student of mine said that puzzles couldn't be a way that she meditates because she gets frustrated with the pieces. But isn't frustration all part of the meditative process? The tension between trying to force something into submission whether it be your mind or a puzzle (which when you really think about it are and can be metaphors for each other). Then slowly zoning into acceptance that the end goal won't be achieved today,so all you can do it go one section at a time and try again tomorrow? Maybe you spend a smaller amount of time working on it today than you did yesterday,or maybe you've been on a role for a week straight pumping out 2 hr sessions but today you can only do 5 minutes of work,that's ok! It's not a race and that beautiful surrender is a gift to know that as long as you show up everyday,you'll eventually reach that beautiful picture.

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