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Poem: Fires of Beltane

Stoke the fires make them rise

Let the flames lick the stars and sky

We set the maypole

And dance today

Celebrating life and the pagan way

We sing the praise of the land

Man woman child hand in hand

Our voices grow

As we sing our songs to the sky

The wicker man engulfed in flames

Honoring of the olden ways

Love and magick is released

From Songs filled with wishes and dreams

We ask our lords and ladies to bring these things

A fruitful harvest in the fall

Merriment and happiness for us all

Loves tender touch upon our cheek

And passionate embraces are what we seek

To have our cups filled to the brim

To have no fears in the end

We open our hearts to the Horned ones arrival

A successful Wild Hunt ensures our survival

Together we dance hand in hand

Watching the flames as they expand

In their heat on this night

We enact a most sacred right

Lord and lady chosen

Blessings restore the land from the frozen

We carve the path for the sun

To return and bring once more

A magickal bounty from summer once more

-Storm Dancer 5/1/2021

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