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Plant Spirits: Lily Of The Valley

I can not express how much I love the smell of lily of the valley! It just smells like how I imagine newborn baby yawns smell. Ironically this visual that LOTV conjures up is not to far off of what it actually represents magically. From a metaphysical perspective LOTV is a flower ruled by the planet Mercury and the sign of Gemini, and let me tell you friend, while she might smell like sleepy baby yawns she is not a fan of stagnancy magically or medicinally. I will add this disclaimer here, never ingest LOTV without the help of a trusted and knowledgeable herbalist or healer LOTV is poisonous. Being a mercury plant she encourages things to get moving and communication, she can be a muse and even aid in focus in my experience. She is a flower that has a very soft smell, she isn't loud, she doesn't have to be which I think is the best part of Mercury. Mercury is able to relay meaningful information and wisdom, which means it doesn't exert a lot of energy to do what it needs to. It gets straight to the heart of the matter. Magically she stands for purity, youth, sincerity, humility and is a patron of those that envision a better more peaceful world. Medicinally she is a plant that is used to treat heart problems, move kidney stones, treat leprosy and epilepsy just to name a few!

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