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Plant Medicine: Cacao

Mmmm Cacao. Powerful medicine, powerful food. Then again, food is medicine. The energy I feel from holding it, is powerful! I have a handful of love. What type of energy do you feel from your food?

Cacao is one of my love tools. Each bean contains so much energy, like an acorn becoming a tree. We need high energy foods for a high energy lifestyle. As food, eating the cacao beans while hiking serves as excellent fuel for sustaining your energy.

When you consume Cacao with intention, it's even more powerful. Why, because you are now acknowledging multi-dimensional consciousness and interacting with the spirit that potentializes the physical matter for maximum benefit. We do this typically in ceremonial space, but you can also do it by yourself in your morning meditations for example. When the heart calls, be sure to experience a cacao ceremony with a community that you feel drawn to. I also facilitate and teach, for more information follow my links below.

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--- Nina, Spirit Tour Guide

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