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Oh Deer!- Exploring The Magical Totem Of The Deer

This past week I had an amazing interaction with a personal animal totem of mine, a deer. It is one of my two main totems,the other being a lioness,in meditations I often see these two walking together side by side when I'm being reminded that I'm spending my energy in the wrong places. However while going for a morning walk this week a doe walked right by me on the side walk, side by side! So obviously it was a sign for me but also I thought that it would be perfect to share the meaning of a deer totem. It's a totem that I think can be over looked since deer literally are everywhere in the midwest,especially Ohio. The deer totem Isa totem that speaks to handling difficulty or adversity with grace. I mentioned before how the deer and the lioness show up for me when I'm misusing my energy,and admittedly the "misuse" is usually me hyperfixating on the things I can't control because I'm frustrated or angry i.e. I feel helpless. However deer are incredibly strong and formidable creatures,despite their dainty appearance, I mean have you seen what they can do to your car if you run into them. Many times the deer itself is fine depending on how hard it was hit,however your car won't be able to say the same. There is a reason deer come up so often in car insurance commercials to day the least. While the appear sleek,mystical and fragile,deer have muscles that honestly I'm jealous of,they're tough and strong. Making them a totem that represents strength,durability and endurance. They are often underestimated because of initial appearance, but get closer to this animal and you will see the pure strength disguised behind gentle eyes. Also deer eat just about anything as far as plants go,so you must be vigilant in your planning to keep them at bay, which I see as them being and animal totem that represents the energy of patience and opportunism. It was such a magical experience to have this totem literally walk beside me on my morning walk this past week!

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