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New Moon in Gemini ♊️✨ May 30th 2022

The new moon in Gemini; a time for our awareness and receptivity to open up to new ideas, ways of thinking and communicating. When we talk about Gemini in it’s simplest form, mutable air basically just means information. This being the new moon following a once in a lifetime eclipse cycle with Uranus in Taurus, this is where the new information of the major changes will come into the picture. Neptune in Pisces is going to throw out a lot of deception this whole season; just something to be aware of.

Mercury will begin stationing direct and making several strong aspects in this cycle. There’s the square to Saturn which is probably going to bring up some difficult yet important conversations with people being stuck in certain ways of thinking. This roots back to the changes of self worth being cultivated and you may decide not to tolerate certain things anymore. There’s also the trine to Pluto that can turn this into a power struggle but ultimately bring transformation and breakthrough in some form.

Also notable is the sextile from Mercury to Neptune. Every time Mercury is stationary with a strong Neptune aspect, the synchronicities get more unreal as our minds upgrade and adjust to process more of our subconscious. It’ll feel a little foggy in the beginning of going direct but dreams and telepathy will be strong; like tapping into a natural internet. It’ll be easier to cognitively process by the time we reach the full moon in Sagittarius. You’ll be able to integrate the meaning of the syncs by then as Mercury moves into Gemini.

Mars and Jupiter are also going to be conjunct in Aries. This is going to kick start the new Jupiter cycle where you can apply everything you learned over the past 12 years. Maybe you began something back then but had to take a detour, now it’s coming back up with more opportunity. Maybe you were the student and now it’s time to become the teacher. It’s going to start moving fast. Just remember with this new level of mental processing and connection to the subconscious network, all things are possible to manifest.

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