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New Moon In Gemini-Let's Walk And Talk

With the new moon in Gemini quickly approaching, many of us are already feeling the buzz of energy that this new moon and it's sextile to the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries is creating. One of my favorite things to do in my personal practice is to pick out useful everyday ways to use the energy at hand. This new moon obviously pushes us to communicate, but it also asks us to do the decision dance and do the mental gymnastics that it takes to not only have a conversation, but also to come to a decision. I've spoken about this briefly before in another post, that through out our day our brains actually get fatigued from making decisions. So the way that I and I'm sure many of you reading this handle this is to consciously or unconsciously rule out certain decisions in your day by pre determining the answer to that decision. This can be as small as "what do I eat for breakfast" answer: "A granola bar, and orange and coffee with2 creams and 2 sugars, just like I do every morning" or as big as " What task at work do I knock out first?" The decision to cut out certain decision making gymnastics can be as unique as the person since we all value some decisions more that others. What clothes you wear for the day may not be as important as where you go to lunch that day for instance. Decisions and the process of making them is all Mercury's domain, and with that sextile, you can bet that you will be making a lot of them and quickly! And this new moon is ruled by Mercury Retrograde in Taurus so many of these decisions may circle around what you value ,resources, money and relationships. As I was looking at this new moon I realized there may be another way to utilize this energy.

When you put Mercury and Mars together you get fast movement or running, but did you know that you actually make better decisions while exercising? It's true! Think about it, exercise releases stress and endorphins are released. Now I'm not saying that you need to go out and do a full HIIT work out when asked what time to schedule your next meeting with a colleague or your mother in law, what I am saying is to do the Gemini thing and walk! Walking can help improve cognitive function and actually can help you to make better, possibly quicker decisions. I say walking in particular because this sextile with the new moon could also lead some of us to start running for exercise (I know I have). However it can be hard to be present and grounded when you run (or maybe it's just me). One thing you want to watch out for with this energy is moving too fast. This is where accidents can happen and mistakes can be made. So when in Gemini season, do as Gemini's do and walk and talk!

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