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Mystical Qualities of a Pisces

The composition "Liquid Moon" is a celestial homage to the introspective and mystical qualities of a Pisces Moon, which Heather Bordelean credits with imparting her spiritual depth and intuitive guidance throughout her life. The alignment of her Venus and Mars in the same sign further empowers her journey, fueling her passion and energy to stand up for and ardently pursue the things and people she deeply cares about. Her music is a testament to the notion of free will being exercised to connect with spiritual realms, reflecting a deliberate choice to allow the spirit to guide one's path in the pursuit of higher purposes. Having embraced this spiritual surrender twelve years ago, Bordelean has embarked on a soulful quest to master unconditional love and discover true joy, relinquishing external control over her emotions and life's trajectory. "Liquid Moon" is thus a celebration of surrendering to life's ebb and flow, trusting in the spirit to direct one's energies where they are most needed and to achieve a profound sense of internal fulfillment.

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