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My Personal Mars-Uranus Conjunction Stories

So as you may or may not know Mars and Uranus are perfecting their conjunction on Monday,August 1st. However I've personally been keeping my eyes peeled for all kinds of ways this conjunction may manifest around me since Friday, and this is what I observed. First I would like to state that Mars and Uranus coming together can manifest as an accident that happens suddenly due to either someone moving to fast or some sudden cut off. Ironically I saw an increase of erratic drivers suddenly and violently jerking their cars in between lanes and cutting others off on the road. Mars-Uranus can also be sudden acts of violence,breakthroughs or calling on community to help with said break through. During this weekend, I heard of not 1,not 2, but a whopping 3 stories of people getting hit by cars this weekend and one instance where teenagers were stealing cars at an apartment complex I was moving out of ( Uranus can have some links to youth/teenagers). Thankfully no one died in the instances I've listed so far, but here is a more personal story that I had to laugh at.

As I mentioned before, this weekend I was completing a move out of an apartment. In this apartment I'd set up a dance pole,I knew that this pole would take some time for me to dismantle,so I began trying to break it down 3 weeks ago...needless to say the pole is still up in my old apartment as I'm writing this. As a Cap rising with a hefty Aquarius stellium and Uranus on my ascendant independance is very important to me,and I'll always opt to try and do things on my own. The problem is when it came to this pole break down I could no longer take it down on my own. You see,the Mars-Uranus conjunction is in my 4th/5th house depending on what house system you are using. This past week I'd literally been cut open(Mars) for a surgery to get my tubes tied (5th house). However this posed an issue because for the next month I can no longer lift anything over 10lbs and my dance pole easily weighs AT LEAST 40lbs. To make a long story short I had to ask a Taurus and Aquarius friend for help disassembling the pole tomorrow, which will be the last day I have access to the apartment. One might say I'm insane for letting things get down to the wire like this. When actually, the way I see it,having friends help me literally have this break through in a breakdown of a dance pole (5th house in Taurus) in a past home of mine (4th house) is actually the perfect time to expect things to work out. The Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus says that knowledge (Uranus) is a resource as are our relationships with others and that both knowledge and community hold so much value. When channeled correctly,the breakthroughs we are looking for are able to finally come through to give us the deepest insights. Funny enough,for this conjunction I pulled The Tower card,which text book tarot attributes to the planet Mars,but I personally attribute to Uranus. Wish me luck as friends and I try to make our own tower moment out of my dance pole lol. Astrology doesn't always manifest in super intense and serious ways,sometimes it just is asking how many adults does it take to take down a stripper pole?

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