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Metaphysical Safety and its importance

As many of you know we are in the Age of Aquarius. People are stepping into a new way of thinking, exploring their spiritual sides, and learning how to connect with a variety of energies. This is a wonderful thing on many levels, however it’s not without its risks. As more people access the energies from different spiritual realms, there is more chance that unbalanced and uncontrolled chaotic energies can be released into this realm. Sadly this is sometimes done on purpose because not everyone accessing these various energies has good intentions.

I learned at a young age that what you think and do in the astral dimension can disrupt people's lives if you aren’t careful. As people become more aware of how to access these energies, and how to use them, there is more likelihood of them being misused or accidentally misdirected.

Over the years as I have become more involved in the spiritual community I have noticed an increase in the number of people who are accessing ancient energies and misusing the gifts that come with their connection. I am a firm believer that the universe will at some point remove their access, but in the meantime it’s important to keep yourself safe.

Whether you have been on your spiritual journey for years or you are just stepping onto this path it’s important to realize that there are pitfalls and dangers. This is true of anything in life. Rather than being afraid to explore, learn, and allow yourself to evolve, I instead suggest that you learn how to walk your path in safety. Does this mean you will never have to defend yourself against attack? No, instead it means that you will be better prepared and able to protect yourself from attack and mitigate any fallout from a successful attack. Sadly in today's current state we find many people who do know how to access energies and then target people who they think are not capable of protecting themselves and trying to scam them out of money by scaring them and/or by creating disruption in their life.

Safety in this sense means being aware of the possibility of disruptive energies that you may encounter, or that may be directed at you by people with ill intent. Knowing that these energies and people are out their is the first line of defense. Awareness that energy exists on a continuum is paramount in protecting yourself. Balance must exist in all things for this dimension to heal and evolve into a place where we can be unified and not only understand, but respect each other.

Metaphysical safety is a blanket concept that includes knowing how to shield properly, how to cleanse those shields, how to identify when you are being targeted, how to ground and center your energies, how to recharge, and how to connect with the spiritual realm and the energies that exist across the multiverse safely. I am a huge advocate for exploring and finding your own path. I believe that you should walk a path that resonates with your soul. I also believe that it’s ok to make yourself seem less desirable to attack by appearing as a small energy in other realms of existence. This is more for protection of energies that are ancient and do feed off the uncontrolled chaos they cause. It’s important to remember that humans accessing the otherworldly energies is not the only hazard out there.

Learning how to shield and protect yourself is a foundational skill that I wish everyone downloaded as soon as they start their journey, sadly it isn’t. I encourage you to look into methods of protection, or seek out someone with experience who genuinely cares about your safety. It is for this reason I will be offering a class that covers foundational concepts and walks you through how to protect yourself, your spiritual space, and even those around you. Join me as I discuss these concepts on May 1st 2022 at 5pm EST. The cost is just $9.99 and if you are unable to attend the live class the link will be available for download after.

This is just the first of my class offerings that is meant for people of all levels. Other classes to watch for are those discussing setting up your sacred spaces, connecting with guides, learning about energy work and how to do it, and learning about magick types and figuring out which one you should work with first. I look forward to seeing you there!

Sending you the brightest blessings and Shadow kisses~Storm Dancer~

You can book here

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