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Mercury Retrograde & The Biggest Lesson Of ALL!

Updated: May 9, 2022

This Weeks Astrological Report & How The Planets Are Aligning For The Collective

Hello, it's Heather here with Clearsight Consulting with another Astrological Forecast for the week of May 6th - May 12th. Are you finally ready to implement all of the ideas you had during Jupiter in Pisces? Well here is what the planets are doing this week and how it may affect the overall as a collective.

Ever since Jupiter entered Pisces December 28th 2021, It appears that we have a heightened sense of what is going on around us. Through social media, it is as if we have become one entity observing worldly events as they happen. Not only do we know what is occurring we also feel it almost instantly. Tell me, did you feel the confusion, the pain, embarrassment, and remorse of what occurred on the night of the Oscars? Did you also learn from it as if it was happening to you? Jupiter is felt on a society level and on a worldly level. It’s as if the worldwide web has become a world wide web of neurons connecting all of us. This happens about every twelve years and in those years you can see historical events like back in 1903 the U.S. Census Bureau becomes part of the new U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor, the first silent film is released, and Orville and Wilbur Wright are first to fly a controlled, powered, and sustained heavier-than-air airplane at Kitty Hawk. These are events that are felt world wide that eventually impact our beliefs in what we are capable of as a species. Pisces has been like a constant wave of ideas triggered by our emotions. These emotions and ideas create new waves in the Nero pathways of our planet for the better or for the worst.

On the 10th of May Jupiter will be entering Aries. You may feel like you need to begin implementing and moving forward with every thing you’ve learned since Jupiter entered Pisces and you may feel like you have the energy to do so. This will only be a taste though of what’s to come in 2023 because Jupiter will Retrograde back into Pisces in November before returning to Aries in the new year. We may feel like we are paying less attention to the world around us as we build and create our new lifestyles according to the massive downloads (ideas) we received with Jupiter in Pisces. The year 2023 will be a pivotal year filled with action and change or action and destruction.

So now we are ready to put things in motion and tell the world our ideas but.... then Mercury goes retrograde. This signifies that the lesson for this month is to work hard and not tell everyone your ideas or don’t run and sign contracts without reading the fine print. This lesson may be asking you to rely on the self and to trust yourself more. Really believe in what you are creating even if it falls on deaf ears. Mercury retrograde in Gemini can be a lot of miscommunication and a lot of gossip and you can get caught up in that energy if you are not aware of it. It's best to keep your ideas close to home so that they can be seen in all of their glory when they come to fruition.

Mercury retrograde is a teacher. Although it may be difficult to see the lesson at first what Mercury is trying to teach you will become clear when Mercury moves direct. If you read my last blog then you know that ten years ago I began my career in television and well every so often we would plan shoots (to film) and the shoots always occurred as soon as Mercury would move into retrograde. During an entire shoot there would be mishaps, equipment and communication failure but I would learn from those mishaps and perfect it until the next shoot where I would have new mishaps and learn from them as well. This has been occurring for the last 10 years allowing me to learn a business through both trial and error. In fact, we will be filming again on May 12th two days after Mercury goes retrograde. During these lessons I have found the easiest way to deal with these situations is to just step back, reevaluate the situation and learn to come at each problem with an understanding that we make mistakes and that we can grow from them and move forward.

Overall, Jupiter moving into Aries will be the implementation of new ideas. It’s the action of tilling the soil and preparing the ground for a healthy harvest on a much larger scale while the Sun is in Taurus. It’s time to make your impact in society or even just the community around you. It’s bringing everything you got to the table and either choosing that energy to slap someone else for making you feel a certain way or claiming your reward for the hard work you put into your passions. It’s the biggest lesson of ALL! How much do you trust your self?

If you would like to know how this week will impact you personally book a reading with me and we can look into your stars to help you along your path or to get on the right path for YOU.

I can help you with Reiki, Tarot, and Charts

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