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Major Retrograde Period "A Time To Reconsider Rework and Redo"

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

This Weeks Astrological Report & How The Planets Are Aligning For The Collective

Written By Heather Bordelean 7-16-2022

We may have all heard the term retrograde by now but the best time to really study them is when they are actually happening! We currently have three large planets in retrograde with Jupiter going retrograde at the end of the month and Uranus going retrograde in September. Let's take a look at the heavy going retrograde for the next couple months.

What do you feel like you’re replaying or redoing in your life? Over the years I have seen planet retrogrades as lessons that give us an opportunity to reflect and redo things in different areas of our life. You have planets that zip around the zodiac in a year or less but then some planets linger in different signs for decades and the actions can be felt on a planetary or societal level.

Let's start with Jupiter. It's rotation around the sun takes almost 12 years. Jupiter is in each sign for about 1 year. It goes retrograde once a year. Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and spirituality. When Jupiter can make you feel lucky and in balance spiritually Jupiter retrograde can make you feel the opposite. Jupiter at this time is showing you the contrast of what you have and how you would feel without it. Jupiter retrograde helps us to peel back any unrealistic fantasies and see things for what they really are. Jupiter will go retrograde on the 28th of July in Aries. This is a time for inner growth of the self. How can I find balance in myself. We may begin to lose people around us who we thought were bringing us luck but in reality were only keeping us from the dream. That's what a Jupiter retrograde can be like. You could even let go of people who go against your spiritual values. It's about finding new paths so that when we move forward we have lightened our loads for the next leg of our journey through time and that brings me to the planet Saturn.

Saturn makes its return around the sun every 29 years being in each sign of the zodiac for about 3 years. Saturn is about maturity. How have you matured in the first 29 years of your life? When Saturn is in Aries maybe you are impulsive and Saturn is like slow down and do it right. So it constantly puts these obstacles or triggers in your path to help you slow down and appreciate what's going on around you. Saturn will show you how not thinking before taking action can effect others and the future. Saturn is currently retrograde in Aquarius. We are really being asked if we are doing what is necessary to have the future we are asking for. Is your time being used productively according to what big plans you may have for the future. Aquarius is always looking to the future while keeping an eye on where it came from in the past trying not to repeat past mistakes.

I believe Saturn is helping us reinvent ourselves in Society. It is making us look at how we can come together for both humanitarian aid and making big choices that can effect the planet or society as a whole. For example, Saturn is in my 4th house so I may be constantly reinventing myself as a parent and how I nurture my family. How can I make time for both my family and myself. I am continuously growing my foundation. So during this retrograde I could be being asked to relook at how I balance my time with others or how nurturing I am with others and with Saturn it’s all about finding that Karmic balance.

Next, we have Uranus which makes its orbit around the sun every 84 years. Some people will witness their solar return of Uranus and some won’t. Uranus is in each sign for about 7 years. Uranus is a rebel. It wants to look how things are being done and completely shake it up and do it differently. Also it is a planet that is domicile in Aquarius so it wants to constantly reinvent how things are done to show us there isn’t only one way to really do anything especially when it comes to humanitarian issues.

Uranus is currently in Taurus. Not retrograde just yet but it will be in September. So what could we expect when Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus? Well with Taurus being an Earth sign I feel like we could be letting go of the ways we are hurting the planet or reinventing ways we live that is better for the planet. On a large scale we could see changes in farming or in things like currency. As Earth signs also cover money and material goods. Even though something like Bitcoin has really dropped over the last month so has currency. Could we see a switch in paper currency to a digital currency like Bitcoin become more wide spread? Uranus is domicile in the humanitarian sign Aquarius so changing how things may work for the betterment of all and not just the few isn’t as crazy as it may seems.

Then, there is Neptune. Neptune rotates around the sun every 164 years. Neptune retrogrades give us emotional expansion. When I think of Neptune I think of wall art depicting a dolphin with a mystical background of pinks and purples and light blue. This is where our dreams lie. This is the daydream, the fantasy, and the escape of constant emotional triggers that plaque our day to day life. When Neptune is retrograde it’s like that escape is gone and we have to face the things we try to escape head on. These lessons go on for up to 7 years in each zodiac sign.

Everything is for the betterment of the host or the infinite being whether microcosmic or macrocosmic. Isn 't this what evolution is? Constantly reinventing ourselves to better adapt to our surroundings and environment? Our energetic field is constantly trying to re-tune itself with the sacred geometry of nature. As long as there is imbalance there will be lessons. Now that I think of it, it actually reminds me of one of Nostradamus’s painting of a wheel with spokes and a wheel without. When you start asking the right questions, your mind can configure together the answers though information stored in your subconscious. This is why we receive downloads more around full moons. This is because in the cosmos the moon represents and aids the subconscious or information stored.

So, I really wanted to hit the larger outside planets in this post. Because these are the ones that deal the most with the collective. And I am sure that we are all feeling the effects of Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn. This is the planet of transformation and destruction. Learning how to completely wipe the slate clean or continuously feeling the pressure of destruction. It may be one of the hardest things to do but the most rehabilitating thing for you and the planet. Pluto is in its home sign of Scorpio for 12 years digging deep into your emotional triggers and releasing them. Then, Pluto is In its fall planet Taurus for 30 years focusing more on planetary transformations. We are currently in Capricorn transforming business, paper money, and the corporations. With it being in an Earth sign things may start to shake or fall apart.

Pluto will be moving into Aquarius where we will see transformation of the mind and possibly everything we ever believed in. Pluto in retrograde is giving us a chance to really look at how life around us is declining or progressing with the use of currency, our current business practices and other materialist values. Like I said the planets are like atoms constantly evolving our energy for the betterment of the cosm. This is why Shiva is depicted both Beautiful and Terrifying. We can leave something beautiful behind for generations to come or we can not. Use these retrogrades to really see where things can be changed in both your life and in your community.


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