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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio - May 15th 2022

I’m going to do my best to keep a positive spin on this without being like some of these fake ass “love and light” spiritual pages that don’t talk real astrology but make inspirational posts only to gain followers. It’s also hard to break down all of the aspects happening in a written post but I’ll do my best. The next few weeks will be a glimpse of what your energetic intentions from the solar eclipse are going to harvest over the next 6 months. The good news; anything can happen. But the bad news… anything can happen.

Let’s just start with the stubborn emotional intensity of Scorpio. The fixed nature of Scorpio is intended to feel the true depths of everything to transmute it. The moon will be sextile Pluto and trine Mars/Neptune; there is the opportunity to transform whatever needs to be purged and transcend it through creative/intuitive actions. Mars conjunct Neptune can be really sluggish and difficult to navigate and with this emotional intensity, it can cause a lot of issues if you become frustrated or too reactive. Patience is going to be key in this time.

I have to say that because we’re also having Saturn squaring this eclipse, there can be a sense of feeling blocked while things need to be put into place before moving forward. Also Chiron will be conjunct Venus and semi-square to Mercury Rx; and this can bring up big issues with healing that needs to occur. I feel like it’s more of the Taurus (self worth) aspect of Venus but obviously, those issues can manifest on the Libra side of Venus within our relationships. Mercury Rx is going to be re-programming the mentality around it and how it needs to be properly communicated.

One of the most relieving themes is going to be the whole new cycle Jupiter is starting in Aries. There’s the negative side where passion can become aggression and that’s something to stay out of but it’s going to open up a gateway of knowledge and abilities with the aspects that Mercury is making in this Rx. Dare I say, potential supernatural abilities. This is where optimism and not reacting too strongly to frustrating situations can make or break you. The struggle might get fucking REAL and I’m not going to sugar coat that part but a challenging circumstance is no excuse for vibrating lower.

Last thing to mention is the proximity of the Sun to Algol. I don’t speak on fixed stars often but Algol is “Medusa’s head” and with the rest of the transits, it’ll be easy for people to “lose their head” metaphorically during this… maybe literally. All in all the biggest thing I want you to take from this; anything is possible to manifest in this energy whether good or bad. Handle your challenges as gracefully as possible. Karmic repercussion is going to be intense so you don’t want to find yourself trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Stay focused on your insides. Patience. Faith. Grace.

- Colbe Barrett

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