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Lilith in Gemini ♊️ - Extreme Naiveness, or Immorality

Lilith plays out like a dark experience that u don’t ever want to be seen or exposed for. Like somebody catching u for something and u weren’t aware that u we’re going to get caught up in it because of it’s a dark habit or something you think you can get awae with. Or even it look at it as in “Your Judgement Dae” feeling where others can truly say something about your spirit because of an indulgence and u can’t say shit! But because it’s a influence not so much as a planet it causes us to play that out subconsciously where we can be naive and unaware of indulging in those energies which eventually turn into a experience that your actually seen as dark aka u went to far so you get what you ask for. The sign you have Lilith in plays as the negative aspect of that sign or you receiving negative confirmation from its opposite sign. Right now we have

Lilith in Gemini ♊️ - Brings extreme darkness to us in a wae as you thought you had all the right information when it came to what you were involving yourself

in far as friends, surroundings, your environment and the information within that. Or it can bring opposite nature from Sagittarius ♐️ where u r feeling extremely immoral and you feel its justified.

They key to Lilith is to alwaez be aware as possible and try not to force this subconscious aspect or indulge too much into too many secret and habits. Remember we reap what we sow, so sow in Gods wae. Everything done in the dark comes to light but you either can be enlightened or it can actually come to light in density and you have to deal with it that wae.

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