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Letting Go Of Manifestation

How do you manifest? Many of us manifest through meditation, writing out intentions or creating vision boards but what do you think is the most important part of the manifestation process? Recently I was listening to a podcast that was talking about the language and words used when we tap into source in hopes of manifesting. Many times we are told to be specific about a specific about what we are manifesting, and while I think this is valid, I think that many times we get stuck in thinking if we want to manifest we have to be super specific and we can easily fall into trying to micromanage the universe as it's writing our story. Sometimes specifics can easily turn into trying to grab hold of some sort of sense of control because we fear the unknown. When this happens and balance is thrown out the window we can unintentionally stop co-creating with the universe and instead fighting against it with our long list of oddly specific demands that I can only imagine leaves our guides and the universe side eyeing us and asking "sir/ma'am are you okay?"

I'm not saying that specifics in manifestation aren't important but I am offering a counter perspective to open things up and allow energy to flow. I think when we get too specific we can start to attach and tighten our metaphoric choke hold grip on energetic flow so much that we unintentionally get in our own way. What if instead we changed our thoughts and wording around manifestation and simply ask for whatever is in our best interest to come to us. Instead of saying we want or need (which suggest some sort of fear, desperation or lack) we instead say "I desire". The truth is the universe already knows what we need and want. The magic comes in on whether or not those things fit in with our grand big picture in this lifetime that are tied into our own unique lessons and journey. When we can zoom out we open up space to move past specifics and reserve judgment of where we might be at right now in exchange for wonder and excitement for where we are headed in the universe's grand scheme and I think that is where the true manifestation begins with absolute surrender and transparency with ourselves and the universe itself.

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