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Keep Your Head Above Water

Written By Heather Bordelean 8/14/2022

Raise your hand if you had a difficult week…🤷‍♀️

Blame it on the Full Moon

Blame it on the Solar Flares

Blame it on the Comets

Do anything you can to keep yourself from falling victim again to a cycle of madness.

We have been walking into uncharted territory since 2009 when Pluto entered Capricorn. But a lot of us have been preparing and evolving for the events happening in our world today.

You’ve been transforming yourself to heal from circumstances for most that were out of your control. In doing so, you lighten the energy around you and assist in raising the light grid. The light worker is pure positive light but not because they are happy all the time or sharing positivity but because they are able to let go and transform negative energy on and energetic and molecular level.

Truth is that there is a Positive Charge and a Negative charge. On an elemental level Fire and Air are positive whereas water and earth are negative. Fire and Air have more photons while water and earth have more electrons. Well a water molecule would be neutral as it has the same amount of electrons and photons until you go deeper and deeper where the sun doesn’t shine.

It’s not my intention to give you a science class but more of an understanding of how and why certain rituals are used in ancient times and today. Our ancestors had a basic understanding of how planetary and universal energies work but they were ridiculed and killed by those who lacked the knowledge or didn’t want the knowledge to be known by the people they possessed.

Up until now, there are still beings trying to possess a higher knowledge using it against the masses so that they can keep their position upon a thrown they have created. But, this can be misinterpreted by the few who try to shine the truth only to make everyone out in a higher position out to be a bad guy. We are imprisoned in a collective karmic loop because on a daily basis we blame the world for the life we live and refuse to begin healing ourselves.

Like Positive and Negative charges are universal truths so it is throughout the world we live in. Until we start healing on a molecular level or our own energy essence, things will stay as they are in our communities and in society. There isn’t a special few who are raising the light grid there are many and this will continue to grow until our planet finds balance. We are all beings created from light (photons) and solid material (neutrons) which were created from the stars making us all a star seed.

Learn to see everyone as you are. Assist in each other’s growth with a balanced heart chakra knowing that everyone’s experience is from a past they didn’t originally choose but where grown in to. Stop guarding knowledge to harvest for yourself and share it. Evolution is unstoppable. But, it depends on whether or not we will evolve into a balanced planet or evolve to survive and unbalanced one. The choice is literally yours don't leave it in the hands of everyone else.

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