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Keep In The Rhythm Of The Moon

This Weeks Astrological Report & How The Planets Are Aligning For The Collective

Written By Heather Bordelean 8/04/2022

We begin this week by purging emotional traumas by letting go of anything making our experience too heavy or too hard. The moon will be in scorpio until Sunday then, we can feel more light and carefree as the moon moves into Sagittarius. On Tuesday with the Moon in Capricorn stay productive and set goals because we will be reinventing ourselves when the moon is in Aquarius on August 11th and 12th.

This week the moon is in its waxing phase until it becomes Full on the 12th. We have this whole week to continue what we started during the New Moon and bring it into fruition on the 12th. This week we are purging, taking action and honing in on what it is we really want and need to lighten our emotional body. Carrying around what doesn’t serve our highest purpose could feel like carrying a tank full of water around with us. It’s time to put it down.

Feel free and do something fun this week. Really embrace the Sun in Leo before we get back to all work and no play in Virgo. Virgo season is when the kids go back to school or young adults start college. This is when the work season picks up again and when we have to start preparing for holidays that make us work harder and longer hours. Don’t come into Virgo season without feeling refreshed and re-energized.

Today the Moon will be squaring the Sun. It’s a good day to initiate change while purging what you don’t need with the Moon in Scorpio. We have the Sun Trining Jupiter that allows expansion to occur with change. This is the energy of letting something go for something better. The expansion would be whatever house Aries is in for you. You are expanding the expression of yourself somehow. For example, Aries is in my 6th House which is ruled by Virgo. At this time if I would take time to work on my health and fitness it will help me expand in the ways that will bring in positive energy to the self. If Aries is in your second house, you can improve the way you make money especially if you purge what isn’t currently working for you.

Saturday we have Saturn squaring the Moon. Find ways to care for the self today. You may feel lonely especially with the additional energy of the Moon in Scorpio. Just remember it’s ok to feel this way. We are faced with great challenges of letting people, places, or things go from our life. Purges are not easy but they are necessary so try to embrace it and cry if you need to. Crying is how we release our emotions from being bottled up in our physical bodies. Don’t you always feel a little better after a good cry? Sometimes the hardest things to let go of are your own limiting beliefs. This is a good time to work on the heart chakra energy field. This will keep your chakras balanced and in harmony while you heal deep traumatic emotional pain. Our systems where created to work this way. Keeping emotions in are not healthy for the body and can cause wear and tear to our inner organs by stress, overeating, drugs, alcohol, and the list goes on. Let your body heal instead of repressing your emotions in other ways.

Come Sunday we may feel right as rain again as the Moon moves into Sagittarius. The energy may feel lighter and more carefree. With Mars in Taurus sextile Venus in Cancer we will ground new emotional energy as we evolve to a new level of emotional awareness.

Jupiter is currently retrograde in Aries peeling back the layers of who we are so we can really see the areas of ourselves that can use the most work or care. We have Neptune retrograde in Pisces showing us what is delusion and what is actually possible at this time. Saturn in retrograde in Aquarius allowing us to slow down as a society so that with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn we can really look at transforming how we find and create our abundance or careers and who we have leading us in the arena of life.

So much going on this week! Just keep in the rhythm of the moon. The Moon highlights our day to day emotional energy body. By traveling through different areas of the zodiac it shows us where we can evolve emotionally so that we can become our full potential in this current life cycle. To get through this energy channel the energy of a Leo. Dig down deep and find your courage. Remember to take deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed and keep moving.

The song of the week is: Moonlight – Grace Nanderwaal

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