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It’s all in your head

Meditation, that divine state where thoughts become formless and energy just flows. That place within ourselves yet more in-tune with the cosmic consciousness and the divine energies that not only surround us, but flow through us. It’s a state of being that so many of us strive to reach, yet so many of us have trouble accessing on a regular basis. The reason: our own mind. Quieting the voice that lives within us which is so desperately seeking to find solutions to our problems whether internal or external in nature. It seems to constantly be there when we are awake, when we are sleeping, when we are focusing all of our energy on those we love. So how is it then some people are able to silence this voice and move into a state that is able to seamlessly connect with the free flowing energy of the universe? It’s simple they have moved past the rhetoric that you have to be physically still in order to reach this state. They have indeed cracked the code that works for them which allows them to pull this energy in and let it flow however it needs to in order to bring them closer, spiritually, to that which will help calm, heal, and evolve them as a spiritual being having a human experience. In all honesty the methods you choose to enter into this meditative state matters little, what matters is that you achieve a state that allows you to experience the bliss that comes from being in a space that lets you just be. Some people achieve this through music, others through movement, and still others through seemingly mundane activities such as painting.

If you’re interested in learning some meditation tips, tricks, and why it is an important practice to incorporate into you current spiritual path then join me May 1st for my live event which will cover this and more. Until then I am sending you Bright Blessings and Shadow Kisses. ~Storm Dancer

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