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Intuitive Guidance Download - Majestic Magi

The foundations of what we were taught, and / or believed to be true are and have been challenged and reawakened. It is the strength and faith in the Christ conscious tunnel that reawakens your very awareness, and knows that you are alive… mind… body… and spirit!

The very essence of breath alone is a perfect gift bestowed upon each of us. How beautiful is the divine universe in all ways? The very loyalty you believe is always possible unto you, as we surrender… What is turbulence, is of great purpose… as unique as each soul is… so is God's perfect plan to hold your divine soul in perfect accordance: redirection, as the perfect surrender opens up what seems impossible, and is the perfect key unto your soul's purpose.

Let the tears fall and release as the adjustment of perfection runs through the very veins you normally don't feel, what beauty holds perfect peace in the stillness that belongs to the perfection of divine love… God’s hand placed over your heart perfectly, as the divine soul awakens in remembrance of perfect perfection and purity of all that is love - love in perfect essence and form, the innocence in which we all were born.

Reclaimed and perfectly gifted unto you...

Majestic Magi

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