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I raise my voice

This is one of my recent poems, written in a moment of quiet communion with one of my favorite celestial bodies. I often turn to the moon for guidance when I find myself lost in a sea of emotion. How fitting considering the moon rules our emotional depths and affects the tides of our great Mother Earth. I do hope you enjoy and remember this; No matter how alone you may feel at any given moment you are sharing the same sky as many others who feel the same. Those who embrace the night and all she has to give.

I raise my voice and let loose all the pain and anger

Words conjured in a fury filled with vengeance and hate

Yet she still looks on serene never waivering in her presence

I let my fists beat my chest trying to rid myself of all the grief, all the guilt, all the rage

Yet she still looks on smiling with lips that are caressed by a ghostly light never flinching at the hatred that seethes from deep within me

Finally exhausted, I collapse to the earth and sob with years of self-loathing, disappointment, and frustration spilling from my eyes. They puddle at my feet, staining the ground before quickly seeping into the earth.

Still she looks down at me, comforting me with her gentle gaze. She shows no sadness, no pity, no rejection despite the exhibition of despair I have just shown.

She simply continues being, loving, embracing me with all that she is even on the dark nights such as this.

She continues to embrace me as an ever constant lover would, as an unconditionally loving mother would, and the gentle but soothing hug of a sister would.

Lady Luna, Princess Selene, Queen Diana Maiden, Mother, and Crone. She is constantly there for those like me, who can only speak our darkest thoughts to her and who welcome her ever loving embrace.

We bow to her, we honor her, and we walk with her humbled by her immense capacity for love. We the children of the Moon, the lovers of Night.

If needed we will welcome you too with open arms.

Storm Dancer -8/21/23

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