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How to Identify Potential for Growth in a Couple

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Are you trying to determine whether or not this next hookup comes with some promise, or if your next business deal has hope for the future? Regardless if this is a friendship or a marriage you are investigating for here are some key aspects in astrology you want to find.

Squares! A square between two planets forms a 45 degree angle to one another. You can easily spot this if the planets you are comparing are the same modality, unless they are opposite signs which I will brief you on shortly. The three modalities are cardinal, fixed or mutable. For example these two fixed signs Aquarius and Scorpio square each other. The square in a chart is identifying a challenge or conflicting energy. This means problems will arise, it is guaranteed, but if two people are willing to work past this or rise higher they will push each other to become greater.

An opposition which is when two planets are 180 degrees apart. An easier way to spot this is if you see the planets are in sister signs for example aries and libra, or cancer and capricorn. The opposition creates an energy that calls for a compromise. Opposites attract but also dispel forcing each other to give in a little and expand their perspectives. This aspect can cause arguments at first but it helps each person break away from bad habits and stagnancy.

Although the square and opposition seem like something you would initially run away from just keep in mind that usually the people you are most attracted to have these kinds of aspects to your personal planets. Challenging astrology creates sexual tension and intrigue and that same energy pushes us to evolve.


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