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Houses in Astrology

Learning the 12 houses and where they are in your own chart is very important. Your houses are very individual to you, throughout each hour of the day the first house changes, for example being born at 10 am or 1 pm shifts all the houses for a chart although the planets hardly move.

Mastering your houses alone will unlock information of why certain parts of your life are the way they are. When you are in a dilemma you can look to a certain house to understand how you should approach the issue. An Aries 7th house will operate very differently in relationships than a cancer 7th house would.

It can be complicated looking at your chart when you have intercepted signs which are three signs playing out in one house. But it isn't as complicated as it seems, you have 3 energies that can be expressed through this avenue of your life, it's like having more options. The layers to your chart can be digested slowly to grasp the full meaning. I will be writing separate articles on each house for you to gain some of my knowledge on this subject and help you dive deeper into your self exploration.

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