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Hibiscus-This Flower Really Gets Things Moving!

This week I was reminded of an amazing an amazing herb/flower that I see all the time in commercial teas.However I believe this flower deserves some extra attention at this time during Leo season. Leo rules over the heart figuratively and literally, the opposite sign Aquarius rules over the circulatory system. With the impending Sun-Saturn opposition I began to think of herbs that could help with blood pressure,especially with all of the larger than life events and emotions happening for everyone right now. Enter Hibiscus! She is a wonderful flower that has been proven to bring down blood pressure over time (especially when blended with rose). She's also a powerful diuretic and laxative,so she is very helpful in purifying and purging waste in our lives. She is also antibacterial and an AMAZING anti inflammatory. Again I can not express how well she pairs with rose! Another extrememly potent plant spirit I've written about before. Give hibiscus a try,you won't be disappointed!

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