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Gemini: The intellectual Gemstone of the Air Signs

The Mercurial Master Mind of Madness

Gemini season helps to jump start the summer. And what do we do in the summertime? We get out of the house, we communicate, travel, and get the body moving. Just like Gemini can get the brain and the mouth moving when the energies are amplified. Spring going into summer gets the environment heated up and Gemini can heat up the mind of not only for themselves but others. The air sign known as the messenger has a unique way of tapping into both their yin and yang (good evil feminine masculine) mental energies and play the perfect devil's advocate. If you come to the battle of the wits unarmed you might as well pack up and go to the special playground that requires helmets and Velcro shoes.

What I love the most about Gemini is their intellect and the need to feed it like a beast coming off a hunger strike. They are a zodiac sign to know things about various topics. Over 20 years ago I read in a book about Geminis that said you have to completely love them or hate them no middle ground. Through the years I always reflect back that statement and still firmly stand by loving them. And to love them you have to understand them. Since it's their season and they are one of the top signs that gets hated on the most (along with Scorpio Aquarius Virgo) I'll keep things positive and uplifting. Save the hate for Leo Season… kidding. I actually adore Leo's!!















Gemini and Aries have always been a solid wing man, and they are always willing to rock it until the wheels fall off. When shit is about to go down, they are front and center! Gemini and Virgo are the two zodiac signs I think are the most brutal when it comes to cussing someone out and telling someone a few things about themselves.

It's a Michael Jackson in the movie theater eating popcorn moment to watch a Gemini speak some horrific truth to someone. (I slowly sneak out the back door so I'm not next) I tell people all the time you don't want Gemini speaking truth because people feelings will not only get hurt but will need months of emotional rehabilitation and butt hurt cream for their ego, soul and higher self. Aquarius sometimes will have issues with getting their mouths to keep up with their brain. It can cause gaps in their smooth and slick communication flow. But not for Gemini, they have that shit on cruise control, the mouth can keep the pace of the turbo speed mind.

I have always said there are two sets of twins, two in the yin and two in the yang persona for all Geminis. And the longer it takes to meet one of the evil twins, the darker and menacing that twin is. That dark twin can sometimes be the most hilarious and outgoing of the double dualistic twins.

When it comes to some Spiritual significance, they have the profound insight and knowledge like their opposite Sagittarius. All Zodiac signs and their opposites sign share energy back and forth. Some planets in houses can aid in pulling energies from the opposite houses as well. 9th house is known as the Mind of God, Higher learning, thinking and communication. It's a spiritual house ruled by Jupiter (Planet of the Gods) sages, prophets, Gurus and Spiritual leaders are associated with the 9th house. The 3rd House is known for communication electronics siblings and gossip. The houses can easily swap, share and pull in energy and key aspects of the opposite house. Sagittarius can be a messenger as Gemini can be the word of truth.

Ever Met a neat freak Pisces and a messy and unpractical Virgo? How about a center of attention Aquarius and an introverted wall flower loner Leo? Maybe a Cancer that is a workaholic and doesn't have strong motherly concern about family? While a Capricorn is comfortable in sharing and showing emotions and wants to be home more with family instead of making money all the time. I have had the pleasure of coming across many people who seem more like their opposite zodiac sign. To celebrate and honor Gemini season, we should work on sharpening communication. Do some light traveling to clear the mind and have some fun mini adventures. We need to get more active in our hobbies and things we are passionate about and connect with our friends more. Activate your charts 3rd house and your natal Gemini energy. Always remember there is vast knowledge and new information to learn when it comes to Gemini, so embrace the energy.

Aquarian Essence 5/27/2022

Mad Love for my fellow Air Sibling. The Genuine Gem to my Aquemini

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