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Full Moon In Capricorn- The Public Praises What Is Done In Private.

Well, it is the full moon in Capricorn tomorrow tomorrow and in anticipation for this moon, I pulled a spread for the general energy. I pulled one major for the overall theme of this moon which upon first pull I actually got both The Lovers and Judgement. The Lovers actually came up as a major arcana pull twice (once when I pulled from my purely major arcana deck and a second time when I pulled from the traditional 78 cards). For the purposes of keeping things efficient and organized (how Capricorn of me lol) I will be referring to Judgement as the overall energy and emphasizing the importance of The Lovers card once we get to it in the more detailed spread.

Overall Energy of this Capricorn fullmoon-Judgement: I'm not surprised that this card showed up for the full moon in Capricorn, comma this moon is conjunct please conjunct Pluto after all which is the planet corresponded with this card in the tarot. This is a card that is talking about about purging and exuming what we have hidden or have not dealt with appropriately. It is the card that can lead to the greatest closure, healing and transformation . However it can also be a card that literally means that it is time to make an important decision. This card says its time to stop fuckin' around so to speak and get your shit together because winter is coming! Just kidding,but it is urging you to take a more serious approach to a situation and put the final nails in the casket,this can be in the form of literally being judged by a higher up,reconciling and therefore letting go of resentment with a friend or leveling up and transforming your mental.

Detailed spread:

The Lovers: Can this be a card about an important relationship?Absolutely! But remember that this is also a card often associated with the reality of commitment and our perception and choices we make when we come to terms with such a choice to engage with said commitment. Capricorn is tilled by Saturn,God of time. He blessed those that rejoice in long term work and commitment and are not seduced by instant gratification. What is worked for day after day shows commitment and is rewarded,however if such a commitment is purely voiced but lacks structure and action,this "commitment"/union will surely crumble. So I'm not at all surprised to see The Knight of Pentacles ,7 of Pentacles , 7 of Wands and The 10 of Pentacles. Commitment while desired by many is hard work and many obstacles stand in your way of your goal. You will be tested mind body and soul,but will you keep your eye on the end goal as you walk on the tight rope. Work,determination and anticipation of obstacles and the openness to slowly and strategically face one step at a time is how your empire is born. It may seem like you have been working on your goal for years,however this full moon says that all of those sacrifices have paid off! Focusing on your goals instead of sprinkling your energy here and there has empowered and rooted you in success. Finally, we have the King of Cups, who knows his true power comes from practically using his creativity and staying grounded and controlling his emotions rather than letting his emotions and fears control him...or her,or them.

This full moon is bound to be intense! You are having to make cuts while we are here in the reflective season of cancer because in Libra season comes judgement of the things you have been working on behind the scenes. Remember with this full moon that the public praises what is done in private. And when we are looking at Capricorn we are looking at such themes. Libra season approaches to judge what just looks good and what actually is good,sturdy and holds long term value.

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