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Expand Your Awareness This Week!

This Weeks Astrological Report & How The Planets Are Aligning For The Collective

May 20th - May 27th

I apologize for missing last weeks forecast! I was literally out living my best life. I was giving it my all and enjoying every moment. Last weeks energy was a glimpse of what it will be like spending time with your soul tribe. Spending time with people you can be YOU around because they are all just as real and in tune with their higher-self as you are.

This Lunar Eclipse has been a purge of the ego while promoting self love. It showed us our worst fears so that we can really decide if that fear should be what’s holding us back from stepping into our destiny. With this Lunar Eclipse in South Node Scorpio we purged so much deep emotional pain and trauma and the energy still lingers throughout the week as we get true glimpses of the people we keep around us.

Sometimes people can be the hardest thing we have to let go of. We may feel like we owe them a piece of us and so it keeps us in a location longer then we should be. With Mercury in it’s home sign highlighted by the sun and sextile Jupiter we really have the ability to talk about things clearly but... with Mercury currently retrograde we may be having the same conversation over and over again until it is fully understood by the other party or ourselves.

I also want to mention that I can’t believe we are a little under 1 year of Pluto entering Aquarius and we have already seen UFO’s in the mainstream news. I don’t mean to go so far in to the future but we are already seeing that energy manifesting. Lets’s read the stars for this week’s astrological forecast.

So this week the Sun moves into Gemini! Happy Birthday to you Gemini! The Sun will be conjunct Mercury while we have a sextile between Mercury, The Sun, and Jupiter. This can make us feel like our conversations are really taking us places and we may begin making a lot of plans at this time. But since Mercury is in retrograde you can expect there to be some kind of delay and probably a waiting period until Mercury moves direct to move forward with these new ideas.

On the 22nd of May the Moon will Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. This could really cause some challenging situations and bring emotions to the surface that need to be addressed. Even though Mercury is retrograde you still have the Sun in Gemini to really help you talk though these emotional restrictions you can face when the moon conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. Jupiter is expansion and good fortune and it will sextile Mercury the planet of communication. So just use your words wisely with awareness and Jupiter’s sextile to Mercury retrograde will work in your favor expanding the relationships around you.

Luckily, the moon will move quickly into Pisces on the 23rd and you will reflect the energy, and actions that occurred and you will grow from what you thought were restrictions, or minor hardships. With Jupiter in Aries the energy allows us to see things almost instantly. Aries is the energy of instant karma and that is why impulsiveness and impatience can be so unreliable for an Aries.

On the 24th with the moon in its final stages of Pisces, we have an extra day to just reflect and plan before the moon begins its trek around the zodiac once again. This is the beginning of a new lunar cycle that we will feel once the New Moon is in Gemini. The planets are really aligned in a way that will allow us to see the truth clearly while conquering all situations with conversations. The only thing Mercury in retrograde is actually doing right now is making us redo or re-have these conversation’s over and over again until we know how to come at situations with social awareness because if we go through tough conjunctions or squares alone we can find ourselves reacting in ways we may regret later. Remember that not everyone is a mind reader and no one really knows what’s going on in your head… Talk about it.

Lastly, I want to talk about May 27th. Venus will conjunct the Moon and Mars will be on Jupiters doorstep in Aries. Mars is the planet of conflict but it’s also the planet of drive and action. Depending on how you moved through the conflicts during the week will really determine what Mars will do of you. Will it propel you forward or will you be caught up in a conflict like energy. Did you talk about how the situations made you feel with your friends, family, or partners? See this week as a lesson and expand from it and move forward otherwise you may have to learn the lesson the hard way which is still progression so don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you would like to know how this week will impact you personally book a reading with me and we can look into your stars to help you along your path or to get on the right path for YOU.

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