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Examining the Tarot and its applications

Welcome to the first article in a series of articles dedicated to an expanded look at the tarot, individual card meanings, and applications beyond divination. The tarot has been used for centuries. First in France and Italy as a parlor game, and by the 18th century as a form of divination. In a traditional Tarot deck there are 78 cards. 22 of these are known as the major arcane, and this is where our journey begins. The remaining 56 cards are known as the minor arcane. There are 4 elements or suits in the minor arcane. Most commonly you have air/swords, water/cups, earth/pentacles, and fire/wands. When thinking of it this way, in terms of elements that is, you could conceivably say that all 22 of the major arcane represent spirit.

There are numerous associations with each card that I want to further explore with you. With each card I will for those new to the tarot give a basic description of what the card represents in terms of divination. We will then look at planetary association, elemental association, magickal association, deity association, and Crystal association.

The Fool- The first card in the major arcane. Number 0.

As you can see The Fool is a picture depicting an individual who is carelessly walking, paying no mind to where they step. There is expressive imagery in every card and I will point out a few secondary things. There is a cliff, the person carries a bindle, and at their feet there is a dog seemingly trying to warn them. In the sky above you can see a bright sun, and the person seems to have their face turned to it without a care in the world.

The fool is the first card for a very good reason. This card speaks of unlimited potential being a 0. At its essence this card upright represents new beginnings and the innocence of taking that first step on that new journey. It is a card indicating spontaneity, and freedom of spirit. If reversed it can indicate an individual who is holding back, afraid to explore and expand, or individuals who are reckless and take risks without thinking.

Once you learn the meanings of the cards you can then look into how to use the card for magickal workings. Remember we are saying the Major arcane is representing spirit. It’s a good card to use when doing magick to bring new endeavors, to bring luck to new endeavors, and to help open mind, spirit, and heart to what the universe is trying to tell you. Additionally this card can be used as a protection measure when expanding or starting new business ventures, or if you know someone who is reckless or needs a push to Make a positive change. When you are calling on the energy of The Fool you are also tapping into the planetary energy of Uranus.

Uranus is the planet that astrologically is related to rebellion, innovation, and technology. Uranus is the God of the sky, ruler of Aquarius which is an air sign. Uranus is associated with enlightenment, ingenuity, progressiveness, and forward thinking in its positives and rebellion without direction or cause and irresponsibility in its negative. This planet can really shake things up and create constructive chaos or destructive and uncontrolled chaos. For this reason it’s important to be very clear in your intentions. Make a list of exactly what you want when you implore Uranus and The Fool to assist you with your magicks.

There are numerous crystals associated with Uranus, The Fool and the air element. I have them broken down for each of those associations. I am going to take a moment and remind you that clear quartz can be exchanged for any other Crystal as it’s considered a master Crystal.

· The Fool Card

o Herkimer Diamond

o Lepidolite

o Tourmaline

o Agate

o Turquoise

· Uranus

o Euclase

o Moldavite

o Azurite

o Labradorite

o Spirit Quartz

o Quartz

o Rudraksha

o Angelite

o Amazonite

o Super Seven

o Datolite

o Cryolite

o Purple Opal

o Japan Law Twin

o Auto lite-23

o Mango Quartz

o Trolleite

o Faden Quartz

o Galaxyite

o Kammererite

o Stichite

· Air Element

o Blue Kyanite

o Sodalite

o Lapis Lazuli

o Blue Sapphire

o Fluorite

o Quartz

o Celestite

Finally I want to point out color correspondence of the fool. Since it is related to air it’s power color is Yellow. What exactly does this mean? Using a yellow candle, yellow paper or ink, yellow flowers, or yellow altar cloths can help further intensify your intentions when working with the magick surrounding this card.

Bright Blessings and Shadow Kisses and may you be safely guarded in all your endeavors

Storm Dancer

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