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Energy Read For The Week Of 7.18.22- You're On The Brink Of A New Quest,So Get Out Of Your Own Way!

A new week begins, comma and we are in for a treat!! Cancer season wraps up this week and we dive into fiery, creative and dramatic Leo season. So I am not surprised that in this week's spread we have plenty of solar and lunar energy being presented in the cards.

For this week's general energy we have The Fool and The Sun card. Having these 2 cards show up together as the general energy of this week weak says to me that you're being cosmically rerouted onto possibly an unexpected path/quest that will take you to places you have only imagined. The Fool card says that we are embarking on a new journey and that we need to have an open heart and mind (very appropriate for leo season) almost like a child. We need to be willing to trust and know that the universe has got your back on this new unexpected venture. Risks may need to be taken to make the most out of this new path but this card also reminds us to not be an idiot and use common sense instead of being reckless with such matters. While at the same time not allowing our past experiences and "what we think we know" to hold us back or weigh us down. The sun is promising if you can do this,then there is a proverbial pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

I think it's interesting that The Chariot and The Moon card also show up in the more general spread. We have The Sun card,the planetary ruler of Leo and cards that speak to Sun in Cancer or The Moon directly here. While Cancer season is cardinal in its energy and therefore marks a new spark or beginning,it is a more cautious sign in nature. Seeking nostalgia and therefore familiarity,however the moon card speaks to mystery,possible worries,fears,and things that go bump in the night. What this card also speaks to is change or the inner knowing and slight predictable change of cycle that is upon us. Asking us to question how do we feel about being seen? Changing? Moving forward,growing? Have we accepted that predictability and unpredictability are but twins in life and can't be without the other? Have we accepted this duality in ourselves and therefore what is it time to shed and release to facilitate such change? Going inward to gain this sense of self awareness and acceptance can be the key to optimizing what's to come,and The Hermit card only emphasizes this even more. Again I will say even with The Hermit and the 8 of Swords if you let your worries and preconceived,familiar notions guide you,you will be the one standing in your own way. The Emporer and The Knight of Swords show up to say that you will need to take charge and be brave and courageous. You can't expect to make big bank without investing big (yet wisely...remember,don't be an idiot). The Ace of Wands and The 8 of Wands point to new inspiration and brave risks can manifest results quickly,so becareful what you choose to manifest. The King of Pentacles is here to either denote a grounded and wise teacher or advisor that can help you make these manifestations more long standing rather than just instant gratification. Or this King could be you,meticulously playing chess instead of checkers to win this game. It is after all Leo season.

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