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Energy of the Week 7/3-The Potter

This week's energy is full of potential as we start the week out with the moon entering the sign of Virgo which creates the ultimate nurturing energy with just enough reality dosed in to balance out the emotional and mystical energy of the Sun in Cancer. The week ends with us diving deep into our psyche and getting into a more quiet,still and reflective mode as the moon enters Scorpio.

To start us all off on the right foot for a week that is clearly all about getting our ducks in a row before judgement on the full moon in Capricorn. I pulled a few cards for this week's energy: The World ( how appropriate as this is Saturn's card) The Hermit,The Heirophant, The Queen of Cups,The 6 of Pentacles,The 4 of Pentacles and The 7 of Cups. WOW! What a week we have in front of us!

Let's break this down, The World and the 4 of Pentacles both have ties to Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn respectively. Speaking to themes of ambitions,hard work,goals,recognition, reputation and career. The World says that a new cycle is beginning, but not without a cycle coming to an end first. It is time to release something in exchange for a level up, and it might not be an easy decision.However with the 4 of pentacles showing up, you can bet that it is one that can bring much stability and foundation,you just need to stay open. Staying open and being willing to make the tough,sometimes unpopular opinions is what will ultimately result in the 6 of pentacles and Queen of Cups. When you nurture your own purpose and fill your own cup with out needing the validation of others to help you along,this is when you find your true power and others are more than happy to come in and support you,even in uncertain situations. With the Heirophant and Hermit appearing in this spread as well the Queen of Cups could also be an older woman who appears to aid and teach you how to better focus on you and your connection to the health of mind,body and spirit. Either way,commitment to your purpose and goals are definately being tested this week! Beware of fleeting distractions or illusions with the 7 of Cups showing up. There may be a need to read in between the lines to clear out opportunities that do not line up with your goals and passions. Remember that this whole reading started with Saturn in the form of The World card so don't be afraid to take your time when choosing the next move forward, strategy and long term perspective is key!

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