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Double Take

By: Aquarian Essence

Double Dualistic Dynamic Duo Doing the Deeds

Kicking off Gemini Season by looking at things from two sides of the same coin: Vedic and Western Nakshatra and Sun and Moon Gemini Combos

The Ancient Hindu Sages divided the zodiac into 27 Nakshatras or lunar constellations Also known as the ancient Lunar Mansions to the 12 Solar Mansion (12 zodiac signs are the solar mansions) Each constellation covers 13 degrees, 20 minutes, just like how decans cover 0-10 degrees in western Astrology. Nakshatras begin with Ashwini Nakshatra 0 degrees of Aries and ends on 30 degrees of Pisces covered by Revati Nakshatra. Nakshatras define the characteristics of the planets placed in them. The Moon travels through a Nakshatra in a day

These Nakshatras are classified under the three heads of Deva (divine), Nara (human) and Rakshasa (Demonic). Subdivided by their gender and Cast, and are also assigned with qualities such as color, merits and ruler ship of body parts, planets.

Gemini Nakshatra

Rohini Vedic Sign Degrees Taurus 10°0 – Taurus 23°20 Western Sign Degrees Gemini 3°51 – Gemini 17°11 Red One – Ox – Star of Ascent Power to make things grow. Enjoyment, creative expansion, and fertility

Mrigashirsa Vedic Sign Degrees Taurus 23°20 Western Sign Degrees Gemini 6°40 Gemini 17°11 – Cancer 0°31 Deer Head – Star of Searching The power to find fulfillment. Wandering, exploring, and seeking truth gently

Ardra Vedic Sign Degrees Gemini 6°40 - Gemini 20°0 Western Sign Degrees Cancer 0°31– Cancer 13°51 Teardrop – Star of Emotion The power to feel and act. Stormy and passionate drive for expression and understanding.

Punarvasu Vedic Sign Degrees Gemini 20°0 - Cancer 3°20’ Western Sign Degrees Cancer 13°51 – Cancer 27°11 Arrows – Star of Renewal The power of life to regenerate and recover itself. Enlightening the world with hope and calling in a new dawn.

Nakshatras (Constellations)

Astronomical Name






Eta Tahri












Lambda Orionis



Silver Grey

Red Coral


Alpha Orionis






Beta Geminorium




Sapphire Yellow


According to Univeral Tso

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Aries: Reckless Abandon

When something comes your way, you discern an opportunity or benefit and grasp it. You enjoy multitasking because your mind is always in a spin and you do not like being idle. Most people would be exhausted just relaxing in your fashion. Your personality demands stimulation and exploration and you are drawn to it. It is not beyond you to stir up some trouble if things are not hectic enough for you. Your world is an endless source of things you are terrifically interested in, but you put yourself first. An excitable, savvy and nervous person is what you find in a Gemini. Energy is what the Aries mixes in along with, quick thinking, and a combative spirit. Organized confusion is the result of the combination. Gemini-Aries people are great at acquiring information fast, but they frequently forget about it just as fast. Your memory is not the best although you are intelligent and insightful. Maybe this is why you have a behavior pattern that is repetitious, repeating the same things again and again. Gemini-Aries main assets are good comprehension, versatility, and speed. Getting what you want is

a priority and you expect double payment for what you give. For some reason you find yourself in nerve wracking situations and this is hard for an excitable person like you. Social activities and athletics are outlets for your skittish personality. Even big decisions like marriage or your future are usually done quickly by you because of your speedy thought process. Disaster can frequently result with your speedy decision making. When you are asked to listen to a viewpoint not your own, you generally are not interested. You are, however, well-spoken and passionate about your own ideas, which, by the way, change frequently. Instant satisfaction and impulse do not always work and you need to learn this. Patience would help a lot in getting what you desire. It would also be good to limit your numerous interests and activities to a reasonable extent. The communication profession is a good choice or even being a detective or critic is also possible because of your excellent perception. You come up with original

solutions and this make you a good problem solver. A big issue is your ability to cope with stress.

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Taurus: Instigator

You can have a problem getting rid of a youth mindset because even in looks and mannerism, you are youthful. The combination here is a little in opposition because of Gemini’s adventurous spirit and Taurus’s need for security. This might result in needing something different right after you have found the security of a job, spouse and home. Satisfaction is something that eludes you. The Taurus Moon balances the whimsy of Gemini out. Your emotional foundation and centering is maintained even if you get kind of far out. Your Taurus nature helps you bounce back from the most absurd situations that you manage to get into. You return for new challenges ready and refreshed. Innovation is the ideal goal for a combination that is so original. Past mistakes are not learned from in many cases though. Youthful patterns of behavior are hard to let go of for this combination of two Spring signs. You often work hard to get something in place only to allow curiosity to get you to leave it once you have accomplished your purpose Try to be less impulsive. The Gemini-Taurus is pragmatic and experienced in life and makes an excellent unpaid psychologist and adviser. Numerous fields could benefit from your skillfulness and intelligence. Fields such as writing, music and architecture are possible because of your aesthetic and structural sense. Bob Dylan and Frank Lloyd Wright are two examples of Gemini-Taurus and notice the fact that these people need to communicate. Form, aesthetics and structure are things they naturally understand. A life with little to look back on will come about if you give into the constant desire for adventure and challenge. Also, learn to respect your own achievements, even if they seem to come quickly and easily. Personality is one of your strong points. Your quick humor and joyful spirit are an inspiration that allows you to melt the coldest heart of those you encounter. Regardless of your background, you can rise above it and you are probably headed upward on the ladder of success and sophistication. You have a certain dignity and pride that make you stand out from the masses. You have a composition and emotional element to you that goes nicely with your analytical Gemini mind.

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Gemini:


You are totally unpredictable and might as well be several people as one. You are very inventive though, and that is a big help in your life. Quick, practical and logical solutions come from you in the persona of being a problem-solver. You are a walking encyclopedia, know everything and are extremely wide read. It is hard for others to keep up with you because you retain information so well and do it so quickly. You want a world that rotates faster on its axis. You love the new and the excitement of seeing it unfold. Your own nervous energy keeps you going. You frequently end up consuming your resources and possibilities because you drift from place to place, checking things out and exploring everything. You are enthusiastic about things for a short time because they are born of nerves rather than energy. You are never sure which side you are on or whom you want to be with because you change often. You are a combination of Einstein’s originality, Jonathan Swift’s humor and Immanuel Kant’s intelligence. The challenge is to master the substance, discernment and self-control needed to use these abilities. Assuming that you have not misused your ability already, there is hope. The difficult part is that you have the ability of a mastermind of crime who is always in trouble; a mentality looking for a fast buck and quick advantage is your problem, not an evil or ill-intentioned mind. You are a psychic sponge and read the people around you with ease. Sometimes you do not know if an idea is yours or someone else’s. If they can acquire the patience, some double Gemini are very skillful and can make excellent craftsmen and artisans. Relationships come easily for you and you probably have several at once. This leads to the problem of narrowing down your choices and focusing in order to attain real closeness. Developing ingenious schemes to rob a museum or gain the profits of investors for yourself rather than work is what you want. Your undoing is that you forget some small point that gets you caught in spite of your genius. You have several selves at a minimum so it is not a matter of self-discovery. You can easily play any role necessary depending on the situation. You have the gift of gab and can outtalk anyone. Therein lies a problem of hurting others because while you do not mean to, your tongue is faster than your mind.

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Cancer: Time Keeper

Success is practically guaranteed because of intuition, intelligence and skillfulness. Franz Kafka, Jean-Paul Sartre and Igor Stravinsky are a few examples of this combination. Liabilities are exceeded by positives, but as a very emotional person you need to learn to deal with some difficult issues. The people around you, including your spouse, coworkers and family, have an impact on your supersensitive and impressionable being and you need to learn to reduce their impact on your feelings. Being prone to mental disturbance, including depression and mood swings, is one side or this combination, but a very high level of creativity is the other. An imaginative, very sensitive and sympathetic aspect enhances the need for expression, novelty and innovation. Removing stress, ill will and discord from your environment is very important for personal growth. You get unsocial, glum, depressed and withdrawn if you live in an emotionally charged environment. Your surroundings must be overcome to eliminate this issue. Do not totally blend into your surroundings like a chameleon would, but rather inform others of your desires. Sacrificing your own happiness for that of others is not necessary all the time. You occasionally get withdrawn because you are subject to swings in your moods. Long-term closing off of others is extremely bad for you, but like most people some private time to think and introspect can be useful. A degree of social activity is important for your happiness. You will surely be popular, especially with the opposite sex, because of your good sense of humor, charm and good nature. You have a negative self-image in spite of being so high-spirited and playful in your approach to life. Instead of thinking of your sensitivity as a disadvantage, view it as a strong point. This can help you climb mountains. Gemini Cancers are great at role-playing because of an ability to adapt to their environment. You can do great in the theater. When you choose friends or romantic partners, as well as business associates, use your intuition and discrimination in order to make sure you get some emotional support. There is no need to always accommodate people. Some people will just take advantage of your goodness if you always say yes. Be more assertive.

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Leo:


You have a definitive nature that results from your slightly overblown sense of your own importance. You are relatively serious. You have a dual personality so figuring you out is not easy for most. There is kind of an executive nature about you that holds forth with advice and opinions on the one hand and a humorous and carefree person on the other hand. You make more of a show of being the boss than taking it seriously. Volatility, nervousness and self-expression are what we find in the Gemini. On the other hand, showiness, lavishness and drama are part of the Leo character.The combination is a running drama that is high-strung and almost absurd. What we have here is a melodrama of the outrageous that runs almost day and night. Fanfare mand panache are your prime movers. Expressing your feelings and thought are a need residing deep inside you. You are a magnet made of charm, optimism and aberrance that is irresistible and this makes you very popular. Others can hardly wait to hear the next episode of your soap opera. Be more open to the contributions of other individuals and not so prideful and stuck on your own opinions. You are creative in your professional goals but you can do well in business because in the end you are actually down to earth. You have sales and promotion talents. You are loyal, responsible and dedicated in everything you do. You search for the perfect partner because you are very much a romantic as well as an adventurer. You want someone who is enthusiastic about life and shares your interests. You love to play the role of boss though, and enjoy showing off that side of you. It might be wise to go a little easier in your act because you can intimidate others to a point you may not imagine even though you do not mean to. You follow your own rules like most Moons in Leo natives and this means you often ignore the opinions and advice of others. You feel you are always right even though you are open-minded and generally listen to others who are reasonable in their approach. The feeling that you know what you are doing can bring about an impulsive and dangerous set of actions and when combined with your stubbornness and need to prove others wrong, you can do damage.

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Virgo: Quibbler

You are wise and seek knowledge avidly. This gives you a confident appearance. Restricting yourself to one field though, is hard for you because you want to learn so much and feel like specialization is a waste of time. You have a lighthearted presence that is also urbane but you are discontented. Mythology tells us that Mercury governs both Gemini and Virgo and it is the messenger of the gods. Communicating in the form of storytelling, writing deliberating or talking is all self-expression, which is one of your strongest necessities in life. For you, deep feelings and hidden ideas need to be communicated in an ongoing fashion. You always need an audience to do this because you are a very expressive person who wants to air your opinions, display your humor and show off your sophistication. Agitation and moodiness result if you are prevented from doing this. You are generally guaranteed the audience you desire because you are high-strung, extravagant and charming as well as extremely intelligent. Despite your polished, playful manner, you are often not happy. Living up to the high goals you set is nearly impossible, but that is what you strive for. You may experience pessimism, anxiousness and confusion because you are not satisfied with your projects for much of your life. You have very good perception and your critiques as well as analysis are generally accurate. You give wise advice in a tactful and thoughtful way. You love to give it to help others. Preciseness and analysis might very well be the areas that assist in your profession. Also, the news media, promotion or advertising might be good choices in the area of communication. Moodiness, restlessness and criticism of others can come about when you experience this discontentment and lack of confidence. Self-destructive behavior patterns can come about including alcoholism if you get so frustrated you cannot bear it. Compassion for yourself is suggested as a way to combat this feeling of discontent. Do not beat up on yourself. See your own achievements and endowments and be forgiving of yourself. Patience is something you need to develop. You cannot always gain recognition and reward overnight no matter how hard you work.

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Libra: Arbitrator

You are not responsible for all the difficulties in the world, so there is certainly no obligation on your part to take care of those around you, humankind or the universe itself. Your own happiness as well, needs to be emphasized more in your case. You can set a positive example for others when it turns out that the world does not align with your ideals and vision for how it should be because of your restless spirit. You are only happy if you feel that those around you are happy because you are a born peacemaker. Within yourself, you work toward quietude, concordance and balance. Life, however, does not always operate like we want it to. Because the world is in tension and a constant flow, such equilibrium is essentially impossible emotionally. A sad and secluded Sun-Moon combination like yours is truly sad indeed. Nevertheless, you may feel the desire to surrender to isolation or fantasy when life is stressful and people are impossible for you to deal with. But this is only a temporary solution to the difficulties of such a situation and, in fact, it will only make matters worse. Doing this only means the world will miss out on what you have to offer. Hold off that desire to run away from a world that does not always work the way you want it to. Be dynamic, brisk and alive. While you could skate through life, you should resist that temptation just because you are so flexible, capable and intelligent. Do not elude challenges, adventures and responsibilities. Pushing your endowments to the boundaries is important for all Gemini-Libra people. You will travel far if you resist the temptation to just do the minimum. You will probably search for a perfect partner because you are a romantic at heart and a dreamer. Before you find the right person for you, there will be many affairs along the way. The mass media, social world and politics are fields than can profit from your natural statesmanship, great perception and insight. An artistic field is also a possibility because of your strong imagination. You are adaptable and can probably live almost anywhere. You have an extremely open mind about other cultures and lifestyles and probably like to read about faraway places. Your essence breaks down roadblocks and transcends cultures, faiths, political orientations and all divisions. You do not lead a tiring life because it is a harmonious combination.

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Scorpio: Allegorist

You are cautious when things concern you personally because you do have a volatile image that is very charged up and people can see this. Because of your boldness and aggressive demeanor, people always notice you. Your skills in observation mean you notice them too. You always notice details that you can proceed to analyze and you are proud of your ability to perceive things. When you are in a talkative mood you might tend to hyperbolize and dramatize things even though you have good insights and perceptions. Your personality is emphatic and magnetic. You are very aware of where you are going and are a more intense individual than other Gemini. There is an aura of mystery about you because you are secretive and do not show your entire being. You get carried away at these times with your vivid imagination and emotions, which is usually OK, but it can unintentionally result in harmful distortions when things get way out of proportion. Relating things with less exaggeration and learning to watch what you say is important. Your past relations with your parents and others should be carefully examined to decide whether some of your bad issues and destructive behaviors have been handed down from those who had a strong influence in your in life; especially your mother and father, or sisters and brothers. Because you cling to impressions and convictions so strongly, it is hard for you to let go of them even if they are the origin of your difficulties. It will help you if you can open up your thoughts and feelings to a good friend or a professional counselor. You are a sponge that assimilates the mood, ideas and ends around you, even if not consciously. You are direct, strong-willed and seem to be your own leader. But you often give into insistence from friends, family or lovers when making choices about your profession or romantic life. You need to make decisions based on your own true feelings even though it is important to open your mind to the opinions and ideas of other people. Going with your own true nature is always the best for you. Your psychological wellbeing is heavily molded by the emotional receptivity you have with those around you. You can easily take on the goals and perceptions of those in your circle because you absorb them so quickly. That includes their neuroses and behavioral forms.

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Sagittarius: Hired Gun

Your enthusiasm, perception and creativity are awesome in scope. All of this would be terrific if it were not for the fact that it is so much work for you to keep yourself in tune. There to blow up your dreams is a lack of patience and good sense combined with needless rebellion and wastefulness. You hate to be restricted in any form because you love freedom. Classrooms, mundane jobs and other things you regard as drudgery are avoided. You want to find out what life really is and experience everything, no matter what mistakes you have made before. You are an explorer and consequently, can either be a genius who makes great discoveries or be like a Fool in the Tarot deck. There is an inspired person in you, but also someone who is impulsive

and immature. At times, when you wake up, it is almost as though you are seeing your world with new eyes. You might experience extremely bad luck or even a personal disaster but you always remain an optimist. Your glass is always at the very least, half full. Part of this is because of your short memory. You are about twenty people in terms of your projects and interests. Conforming to anything or being a part of the establishment in not for you. You are a rebel. The exotic and exciting continue to call you and because you are so impulsive, you do not mind dropping something you were engrossed in and moving on. What you need to learn is to concentrate and develop self-discipline. An environment that is conducive to this would help you; one that is structured and organized. You can learn to direct your skill in a useful way and still be a vagabond. Try to be around organized and well-directed people to reduce your gullibility. Capricorns, Virgos and Taurus people might be very good for you in that regard. Fellow Gemini and Sagittarians are not. You must ease up on restlessness and get organized. If you do not do this, you will have a life of disasters mixed in with

all your adventures and the mishaps that go with them. Some like it that way and maybe that is you. Philosophers, academics and inventive scientists can come from this combination. If you manage to get some self-control and will power, you can do anything.

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Capricorn: Handshaker

You have well-established goals and you seldom have to reorganize your thoughts or perspectives. You are admired for being well spoken as well as efficient because of your discipline and self-control. Emotionally, you try to stay in control to the extent that you may not be aware that everything you say is designed to produce a result. The Capricorn inner self makes a more serious Gemini than most. The latter is usually exciting, has more interests and is a communicator. Your mixture makes you cool and calm as well as strong, detached and ambitious. You can talk people into almost anything because of your charm and magnetism. You direct yourself toward power and influence because you are aware of your attraction to others and put it to use very well. Your personality seems a bit above the fray because you do not reveal the feelings you have under your dynamic personality. You do not need to be aggressive in your desire for power because you possess an inborn sense of dignity, which applies your principled moral values. In spite of this, you usually get the best of a deal in business. The spiritual side of life should not be sacrificed because of competition even though that has it proper place. The biggest challenge for you is to discover the side of life that has more meaning, because the material portion will take care of itself. You will recognize your mistakes later in life when you have time to contemplate them. So do not fail to recognize this facet as early on in life as possible. Sadness and bitterness in old age can result if you do this. Overcoming difficulties and barriers with your fortitude and unwillingness to quit, shows that you have a lot of inner fortitude. You can use your well-developed power of persuasion to bend others to your will because you sense their vulnerabilities. You are a master of manipulation. Inside you are numerous personalities moving about trying to be the most influential and recognized. You desire for power is done at the expense of other parts of your being in the name of material possessions

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Aquarius: Originator

You are refined, extroverted and captivating. In addition, you are autonomous and independent and this moves you to make some of your dreams become realities. One of your most important gifts is your intuition. You appear to know what people will desire in the future, what their thoughts are and what they want right now. Your life seems to be led more for the future than the present. You have had an inquiring and investigative mind ever since you were a child. No doubt you used to love to fix broken things, put things together and understand their inner workings. Your parents probably had to keep an eye on you so you did not blow fuses. You cannot satisfy your curiosity about the universe. You are endlessly intrigued by the strange and the unexplored and love science and change. The world, in your view, needs change and it is your goal to do that using your imagination and intelligence to apply your ideas. Communication is something difficult for you because you appear to be way ahead of others in your mind. It is almost like you are living in another dimension. Approaching life optimistically, you are fundamentally detached and do not show your emotions. Other's unhappiness is hard for you to comprehend. Confusion and agitation set in when you run into a very emotional situation. You do not look inside yourself often enough because you are so busy with projects and other people that there is not enough time. Meditation or contemplation are good breaks. An exploration of your own inner workings would benefit you. You are not easy to deal with or understand because of erratic changes in mood ranging from serious to lively and fun loving. On a positive note, you are in total control of your temper. Anyone in your circle who appears to be unhappy or upset causes you to do everything you are able to help them improve their emotional state. Your charms as well as positive and humorous attitude usually work wonders. Sometimes you forget the beauty of the present because you are planning for the future. A pause and appreciation for what you have now is always good because the world will wait for you. The invention or great discovery will be just as appreciated tomorrow.

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Pisces: Dual Identity

Your early childhood may be causing you to be guarded and protective. You are, however, extremely emotional, perceptive and sensitive. This sensitivity is often concealed by rationalization of issues that should be addressed directly as well as detachment and superiority. The danger here is never finding satisfaction because you lose contact with your emotions completely. Openly and honestly facing your feelings is something you should learn to do. Gemini is objective and analytical while, in juxtaposition, Pisces is understanding and very emotional. In any case, you are an intricate and versatile individual. Kindness can grip you completely at times even though you think you are distant and sophisticated. Perhaps you see yourself as cool and highly developed, but there are times when you can feel overwhelmed with compassion. You probably learned to hide your true feelings when you were young because you may have had a difficult time of things. The bad feelings, moods and ideas of those around you are absorbed because you are quite impressionable. More emphatic types are to be kept at a distance so they do not gain control and influence over your life as they surely can do. Becoming aware of how to control your own destiny and environment should take precedence over going with the crowd of emotional impressions. You are dedicated and conscientious in all your undertakings along with having high principles. This makes an excellent professional of some type. Your humor and charm usually draw the opposite sex to you. Even though you need to be exceptionally careful in choosing a partner, you have an extremely romantic character. Finding someone would be easy. Finding the right one would probably not. You generally know what is best for you so it should be quite easy to use your intuition. Listen to your sixth sense and keep your independence. A lot of Gemini Pisces people find religion a good support system for them. The moon in Pisces allows Gemini the communicator to express things creatively. This opens doors for you. Because your intuition lets you know what people want, you can be strong as a business or marketing individual. Gemini-Pisces people are also good teachers and scholars

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