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Clearing + Charging your Crystals for a Crystal Grid

“When working with crystals or crystal grids, there are some basic steps for a successful interaction with the crystals. First, its important to clear and cleanse any residual or unwanted energy accumulated within the crystal from its travels. The best and most effective way to cleanse a crystal is to clear it based on the element it resonates the most with. Not all crystals can go in the earth, sunlight, salt, or water. Some prefer, fire or sound. After cleansing, be sure to charge the crystal next, once again this can be done with its preferred element. If a crystal, is not water sensitive, Thunderstorms are excellent for charging because you have access to all the elements including light and sound. When your crystal is charged and cleansed, it is ready to program with your intention. Holding the crystal, take a few deep breaths and asked to be connected with the crystal deva. State your intention and if the crystal deva wants to work with you, you should feel or sense a reaction if the crystal wants to work with you. If it doesn’t respond, try working with a clear quartz or another crystal with similar properties.

After you have prepared the crystals, you are free to use them in a grid, Have fun with the process, crystal devas can be funny at times!” —Nina, Spirit Tour guide

photo credit: google search

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