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Chakras the energy points in your body between which energies flows and influences our attitude, reactions, and actions with the external environment. The way energy moves between these areas can and does affect us internally and our external reactions.

Because our outward attitude and our inward peace can be influenced so strongly by how these energies move and build up it’s important to take care of them.

When you balance your chakras you are ensuring that the same amount of energy is in each of these areas, this helps prevent a power imbalance.

When you clean your chakras you are removing any negative energies which can impact the energy flow, or taint the quality of energy.

Finally aligning your chakras is to allow the energy points to remain in a configuration that assists in allowing their energy to flow optimally.

You can learn to do these on your own, or work with a master energy worker to help. If you’re interested in having this done you can book with Storm Dancer at

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