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Care Check by Cali

… annnnnd GO!

It’s soooo important to find things in life to be grateful for! The more you do this, the easier it gets to find and hold onto the positives in your day. Start off with 4 things in your lifespan that you’re grateful for, like knowing & experiencing a passed loved one and being able to carry on their legacy through action, stories & items/tactile objects or memories that you have that are unique. Or you know something easy and not so deep because not everyone is a cancer so you can be grateful you ate good meals today, or maybe you got lucky no traffic out of work, or your car is running well, that’s always something to be grateful for. Point is, list them, it’ll help give you happiness motivation & reassurance that things are okay. Start practicing since you’ve now seen this post & I hope the good vibes start coming your way!💜

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