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Cards That I Love In The Tarot- 8 of Swords

So I know what you're thinking, " Micah, c'mon! The 8 of swords? Really?!" Yes my friend, really. The textbook interpretation of this card says that this is a card about feeling or actually being cornered, feeling stuck and like there is no way out. However I see this card as one of the best cards in the tarot, because not only is it the Jupiter in Gemini card but it also says that you are both the prisoner and the jailer in your situation. If that's the case then that means this card puts you in complete control of your own freedom, because no one is holding you back from your success but you! Also with it being Jupiter in Gemini's card it could be a card that's literally saying its ok to let go of something, especially if that something is a negative narrative that you have been using as a security blanket. It no longer is useful and is hindering you, so you need to do the Gemini thing which is to release it. Gemini is a Mercury ruled sign, in astrology Jupiter and Mercury are opposite planetary powers so to have this kind of combo represented in a card calls for balance and compromise. One of the best ways I can think of that comes out with this card is to call on a friend. Whether it be just to talk out some thoughts you are having that may be holding you back, or to ask that friend to help you see a new perspective on your situation. Jupiter is power (especially through alliances and belief) Gemini is the words we speak and the hands so this card's message is literally that the words you speak are powerful and that the power is quite literally in your hands!

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