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Be Graceful With Your Transition

Updated: Jan 21

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Be Graceful With You Transition

Are you even interested in the same things you were a year ago? You’ve changed and you have found happiness within yourself. Your loved ones might think you seem more distant but you just don’t need to lean on them as much as you used to. You needed them to make you feel loved but now you love yourself so much. Good for you. In today’s world this is harder than you think. Still, Be kind to those around you who feel like they are losing you when actually they are adjusting to the best version of you. Be graceful when stepping into your power. Not everyone understands your path or even knows what self love is. Being hurtful to others isn't necessary. You have ascended to a new level of awareness and if they choose to stay around you they will have to ascend as well. Just bask in your self love until they do.

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