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Balance the Heart Chakra for this Weeks New Moon

This Weeks Astrological Report & How The Planets Are Aligning For The Collective

Written By Heather Bordelean 6-24-2022

Have you read my last blog? In this blog I discuss seeing 7’s everywhere around this time and like clockwork it started the moment we hit the last quarter moon. The lessons have been pouring in and I have been closely watching the 7’s come in as I reflect on what I was just talking about, thinking about or doing that could be triggering these new lessons. What am I being asked to approach differently? What are you being asked to approach differently?

We start off the day with Sun in Cancer, Moon in Taurus and Jupiter squaring the sun. There could be some challenges today but we may also have the urge to expand by trying new things especially finding new creative ways to make money. Jupiter sextile Mercury gives us an open mind with a lot of new ideas coming in. Mercury is quick thinking and while sextile to Jupiter this quick thinking can be just the luck you need to start new creative projects.

Venus moves forward at 1˚ Gemini and this transit can go a few different ways. We could be looking for a more spiritual connection with our partners or we can need some alone time. When the people around us aren’t at the same level of awareness we can feel frustrated. But remember that we are currently on a seven day Wanning Crescent Moon Karmic Release so if we do feel ourselves starting to become frustrated or wanting to lash out take a step back and find another way to approach the situations from a place of unconditional love.

Well, there are five more days of this phase so we are being asked to create a new inner paradigm where we can eventually become impenetrable by outside forces. What will also assist us in this time is working on our Heart Chakra. When the Heart Chakra is balanced we become a bell that is unrung. It is unrung because you are able to see situations from a higher perspective with a knowing that someone else’s frustrations come from deep within themselves and have nothing to do with you.

On June 26th the Moon will move into Gemini creating a conjunction with Mars. With both the Moon and Mars Sextile to Jupiter at this time we may feel more ambitious because what has been limiting our endeavors may be removed making us almost feel like nothing can stop us. Just remember with fire energy we can become a little hot headed and have outbursts if we aren’t consciously looking at our thoughts. At this point just take a deep breath and know that there are only two days left in this cycle before we can walk into a new level of awareness on the 29th of June.

On June 29th the Moon will move into Cancer. If you surrender to what the Universe is trying to teach you, you can expect a huge release of unwanted energy and a lot of times this comes by releasing the tears. Just Let Go… Your body is releasing unwanted energy so new light or energy can enter. With the New Moon being in Cancer I would recommend a New Moon ritual in the bath while cleansing your crystals. I normally like to cleanse my crystals under the New Moon and Charge them under the Full Moon.

Whew guys, it’s going to be a big week and I really hope everyone reading this starts seeing 777 or 7777. Because this is your week to transcend old beliefs that are no longer serving your highest good. Clean out the cobwebs of the subconscious while nurturing the self under this weeks New Moon in Cancer. Lot’s of love guys and until next time… Bye for now.

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