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A Week To Quantum Leap!

Updated: May 4, 2022

This Weeks Astrological Report & How The Planets Are Aligning For The Collective

April 29th Written By Heather Bordelean

Hello! Heather here with Clear Sight Consulting and I wanted to start this blog today because this just might be the most magical week of the year! This is the week that combines action, dreams, and communication so that we may Quantum Leap into the life we've always dreamed of!

Here Is Your Astrological Forecast For The Week Of April 29th - May 5th

Wow guys we have a huge week ahead of us! Solar Eclipse, New Moon, and Jupiter Conjunctions Oh My! We Have the perfect elixir for a new start or a Quantum Leap!

Sun in Taurus

The sun this week is in the sign of Taurus. We are working on self worth, better budgeting, turning soil and planting the seeds the will come into fruition later, in Cancer and Leo season. This is the time we look at how we are showing ourself in society or in a business setting. Do we know what we could be bringing to the table and are we following through so that we can see everything come to fruition?

Moon Energy

The Moon today is 20˚Aries and will move into Taurus tomorrow until Monday. A great time to ground all of that emotional energy coming through with all the big Pisces energy. Today the Moon is in Aries so make sure your action is in harmony with your passion and you’re not acting on impulsive behavior. Come Tuesday you will find yourself communicating how you feel emotionally and luckily Mercury will also be in Gemini by Wednesday and you can expect to receive the guidance and messages you have been looking for or wanted answered. This energy will be intense as we have a Solar Eclipse during a New Moon allowing you to receive new downloads for your new journey or new path.

Mercury Energy

With Mercury in Taurus we have been grounding our downloads and receiving a lot of new energy, visuals and ideas that will assist us when Mercury moves into Gemini tomorrow and stays there for the rest of the week. Expect to receive a lot of messages or communication this week with Mercury in Gemini or a lot of truth being spoken. On Tuesday and Wednesday the Moon will also be in Gemini so this this is a great time to really talk about how you feel and have the emotional support you need from your partners, family and friends. You may actually be forced to have some conversations on Tuesday as Venus moves out of dreamy Pisces and in to action driven Aries. But communication will be necessary and you may need to be forward or confident because Venus is ready to move forward and you need to decide who will be moving forward with you on your journey. Are you prepared to use the big energy of Jupiter to catapult you towards what you have been working for (whatever that may be)? It’s something you're passionate about and you should be ready to advance or ascend to this next level.

Jupiter And Neptune in Pisces

With Jupiter in Pisces you may feel like you are being taken off a comfortable path or you are just ready to move on from the path you are currently on. Pisces and Neptune know your dreams and are actively propelling you onto that path. Back in 2011 during the last Jupiter in Pisces I completed my service in the Army and immediately began a new path that put me into alignment with working in television. Of course it wouldn’t be until 10 years later that I started to see the path unfold around me. If this sounds similar to your journey then pay close attention to what or who is being removed from your life at this time and what is coming in. This is a time when we see a lot of divine intervention and changes in course.

Saturn in Aquarius

While Saturn is in Aquarius this week we can continue to see changes in society. Saturn loves being in Capricorn and Aquarius but in Capricorn we saw a lot of fear and pressure pushing us to make a lot of changes or compromises while cleansing us of our karma. Saturn's real goal is to set us on a path were we can cleanse and learn from our karma and while in Aquarius it has the ability to see things from many different perspectives in any situation and be inventive instead of destructive. We will still be going through transformation with our jobs, business, and finding new ways to provide for ourselves and others until march of next year when Pluto moves from Capricorn to Aquarius.

Overall, this is a really big week for all of us. We have a Solar Eclipse with a New Moon that will just ignite all of this huge energy. And a lot of people may use this time to quantum leap. Quantum leap into the life they have been dreaming of but just needed that extra boost of confidence and self worth that we really take hold of in this Taurus season. With tomorrow's New Moon and Solar Eclipse energy you WILL receive massive downloads for your journey ahead so try to stay in a clear mind space. Meditate on this day. Stay away from drugs and alcohol so that you can really receive the messages that are coming to you. Lastly, to assist you with all of this energy it would be best to really work on your lower three Chakras. The Root Chakra to stay grounded, the Sacral to assist in creation from new ideas coming in and the Solar Plexus or inner Lion energy to feel empowered and ready to leap into the life you've alway dreamed of. Know your self-worth and move forward as this is the energy of the dreamers, movers, and shakers. You got this!

Happy Taurus Season To YOU!

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