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Animal Totems: Goose

Over the past year I have had a lot of vivid dreams, especially when we had the Neptune Jupiter conjunction a few months back. And around that time I started seeing geese in my dreams,in my meditation sessions, they were catching my eye on the covers of books in stores and even showing up on tarot cards that I would pull for myself. So I shared this observation with a friend who actually happens to own a goose, and she gave me a few goose feathers to meditate with to connect with the goose totem. What I have since observed in myself since that time has been amazing and spot on for the totem so I would like to share a bit about the goose totem in case it might be helpful for you reading this. When you think about geese what comes to mind? I know what I think, I think of huge feathered terrorist that like to nest in the most inconvenient places. However geese as a totem actually relate a lot to the energy of Neptune/ Venus and a bit of Mercury. Think of the mother goose nursery rhymes, why might those childhood rhymes be represented by such an animal? The Goose totem stands for playfulness and the child like ability to believe in the unseen and the imagination, it's also a totem that literally speaks to the correspondence of communication through story telling. Crazy right? Think of how loud geese are, they are communicative and unafraid to state their presence, they are animated and vocal all the time. This totem is great to connect with if you are suffering with a creative block and need your imagination to take flight because the goose totem inspires you to be open to all of the possibilities and the journey especially the spiritual journey. It is not a totem that is completely focused on the end goal, rather than the precious learning experiences and nuances that we find as we are going through our quest. Its a totem that emphasizes the character development rather than the hero at the end. The goose again is very creative as a totem and comes to be associated with not only fertility, but also fidelity. Think of the golden goose or how so many beds are made from goose feathers (or at least used to be). What I found as an unexpected meaning of this totem is the need for more vegetables in your diet since geese are vegetarians. Around that time where I was seeing geese everywhere I had a health scare that I ended up turning to veganism for a time and then transitioning back to vegetarianism. Bottom line, geese in real life may be real life dicks but they are a totem that can take you soaring into a new perception and inspiring nurturing of the inner child.

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