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Angels are Everywhere

I had a client when I was in Cosmetology school & her name was Miss Pat. Miss Pat was the sweetest truth talking woman with so much wisdom to give if you’d listen. I miss her since graduating I haven’t seen her so I hope she’s doing well, she used to bring all the juniors and seniors apple pies from McDonald’s for breakfast because she was tired of hearing that we didn’t eat.😂 Anyways, one of the first times I ever had the honor of doing Miss Pat’s hair, she nonchalantly told me I was one of her angels that day… and that statement shook me a little bit because, no one ever called me that before and I was so intrigued as to what I said that made her say that. So then she explained it to me like this; every day we wake up, on our time & plan out the day according to what has to get done, & most people only pay attention to the tasks at hand but you can ask the universe for signs from angels along your day to keep you in good spirits. She said you can meet an angel at a grocery store, a gas station even, or just passing each other on a street, but that angel that the universe sent you, will give you a message that resonates deeper than the surface level unlike many conversations, and the interaction will stay on your mind and bring you happiness or hope or maybe inspiration for the rest of your day.

Miss Pat always told me to count my angels and be thankful for them. & I hope you will too

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