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Align With Your Divine Timing

Have you ever felt excited to live your life as if you aren't even living yet? Divine alignment with time allows for mundane and regular experiences to feel full and satisfying. Spontaneity and adventures become sprinkles on top of your ordinary life. The unknown is then brimming with light and fear cannot hold you back any longer. How can we stay in tune with the cosmic frequencies is the question.

When you can connect with your own precious timing there is a surety that will wash over you, bad days become obvious markers for you to rest and slow down and good days are full of opportunities. The melody of life will always be encompassed by high and low tones, divine timing does not change that fact. What it does is quell the sensation of being lost and in need of answers because there is nothing more or less that you need. Your ability to recognize that what you currently have is all you need to get to the next level is amplified. The comparison between you and every other walking life on the planet ends. We learn only to question things we actually want the answer to. Acceptance and letting go of expectations is what allows for a larger and more active receptor to the universe.

Learning to receive is an underrated magic. Many humans are in desperate need to control all aspects of their lives and this removes the amazement of miracles. Our true control lies in our reactions towards life. Real alchemy is about our emotions, the chemical fusions happening in our body. Real control is about balance. Evening out the emotional scales by giving our body nourishment, rest, love and energy is how we get our truest power. There are many illusions and quick fixes offered to us by higher governing forces such as corporations. The magic once again is in receiving, and when we allow ourselves to receive these quick and surface solutions from another's powers other than ourselves we give all of our power and life force away. What sources do you receive help and assistance from, be clear and aware of their intentions to stay within alignment to your own personal divine timing.

Learning how to navigate the hard days are the keys to sticking with your greatest timing. Being selective with the energy you consume on every level during these days allows for actual healing and integrating of lessons. When integrating and healing innerstand that you are just receiving messages, downloading blueprints that you will later be able to read. Taking your time is important to connecting with your divine alignment which also means making hard decisions like quitting a seemingly important job or breaking up with a strong attachment. Taking your time also means not to rush! There is no need to rush anything in your life if you are aligned, no matter what the illusions of society and other people portray. There is an adjustment period when switching over frequencies from one that does not work to one that does and that process cannot be forced.

When the dog days are over, and yes trust that they will end, good days are ahead. On these brighter days you take action, even if the actions feel naive. When you feel good it is because your battery is charged so you want to “spend” that time or energy wisely. In the beginning the risks you take and moves you make seem huge and almost impossible but as you gain momentum on your own timeline, what was once risky turns into a small jump.

You know you are on your own timing when others cannot properly see what you are doing until you do it. Your life is for you to live. If not many other people understand your vision it's a good thing. In proper alignment those who get it will just get it, and those who don't, just don't. No need for explanations and reasonings, that will slow you down and open up room for doubt. Practice connecting to source as frequently as you can, grounding, mediating, speaking to spirit and moments of solitude are all ways to plug into the ethers.

Life is truly colorful and reassuring when you can step into your own vibration and own it. When all the illusions break around you and you realize that you have everything you need, all the doors begin to open. If you are looking for assistance in switching onto a better life path I am more than happy to assist you along the way.

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