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Ahh, this Taurus Season

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Ahh, this Taurus Season is bringing us into some grounded energy and we are tuning into our senses! After all the fire energy, it’s so good to “sense” the ground, “smell” the flowers, “taste” the freshness of the air, touch the soft smooth petals and gaze into their beauty Everything will simply feel better and a bit lighter.

Venus will conjunct uRANUS and create some sudden heartfelt connections! Be ready for anything to happen, like meeting your playmate haha.

Yes this is a frisky time and it feels good.

The moon will soon enter Scorpio on the 26th, and

before it does, we will be reflecting our relationships and what kinds of relationships we are desiring, with the moon moving through Libra.

We are coming into new timelines and relationships, are changing and finally getting evolved enough for us to really enjoy them instead of trying to own them. Once you come to the point where you’ve learned what Jupiter and Saturn is teaching you, taking authority over your energy and staying in your alignment the benefit you will reap ♥️

We are in a “birthing process” We are birthing the new timelines! And as we move through with Neptune at 22° we are at that pivot point to really create something. So as we are moving through this process , take the time to align your thoughts ,your “desires”and during this Scorpio full moon release anything, anyone and everything that no longer serves you. As your in the gestation period and whatever energy you are living in will become tangible in the Birthing. If anytime we need to be sharp with our words thoughts and believes... it is now!!

Happy Taurus Season and Scorpio Full Moon

Brothers and Sisters

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- Aquarian High Priestess -

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