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A new Chain Letter

I have come to realize in the last few days that a new type of “chain letter“ or pass it along for blessings type of media has developed. You can’t go on any spiritual group or any form of social media these days without finding it. From sounds promising great fortunes or contact from your twin flame to any hand that touches this will receive great blessings. I too am guilty of putting up these things that seem harmless. However, I have begun to think back to the mass chain letters and memes that not so long ago assaulted our emails and inboxes. As beautiful as some of the messages are I once again find myself disturbed by the number of people who feel they must follow the directions for fear of upsetting the balance or somehow blocking their blessings. I am here to remind you that you are safe and the blessings will still flow regardless of your interaction with the sound, video, or meme. If you want to share it because you like it great! But please remember the universe is not going to single you out for affirming or not affirming on a post which can in fact make you a target for those in the spiritual community without integrity. I felt this important to put out there after having clicked like or saying yes and within hours having someone contacting me with “Hello my beloved, your ancestors….” Remember your destiny isn’t decided by the use of sounds, mantras, or pictures Or by liking them. Be safe, be smart, and be careful. remember to protect your energy and assets.

Sending you Bright Blessings and Shadow Kisses- Storm Dancer

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