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A Deeper Look Into The Cards In The Tarot That I Despise- 5 of Swords

I was hesitant to even to add this card to the "despise" list because I recently discovered it means something completely opposite of what I thought it meant in basic tarot terms. So while reading this article keep in mind that this is coming from a place of misunderstanding. For the longest, I thought the 5 of swords meant failure for the person asking the question, after all textbook tarot definition says that this a card about losses and having to walk away from a situation. I also understood this card to be all about broken teams or feeling outcast,which is partially true but not completely. Recently I had the pleasure of seeing the 5 of swords for what it truly is, a card of victory...with a few caveats. So let me give a bit of a backstop on how this came up. I recently was offered an opportunity to make some extra funds to help me with a move and I was so excited,the opportunity was basically made for me and I thought things went well as far as interviews go but I always like to double check with my cards, and guys...EVERYTIME I asked this question on whether or not the job was mine the 5 of swords would pop up amongst the cards I pulled. I won't lie, it worried me that this card came up over and over again,after all I needed to have extra funding for moving out of the apartment that I already put in a notice to evacuate for. Based on what I knew of this card I thought things were not looking great for me. However, I spoke with a friend (ironically,we will get to what this is ironic in a moment) who illuminated another perspective. "Micah, the entire tarot is a depuction of The Fool's experience, so why on earth would you think this card means anything but victory for you or anyone who asks a question and gets this card? The main character in the card is the victor. This is a card of victory,perhaps at the expense of other candidates or people." A few days later I got a call that I got the job and now I'm just going through the grueling process of packing and purging my apartment.

The 5 of swords is also the Venus in Aquarius card,which not so ironically I have natally. Venus in Aqua is first and foremost a love of friends or the love of your friends so it is fitting that this message of reassurance came from a friend. Also Venus in Aquarius can also be interpreted as funding that comes from a group, a change of value, love of vision or attracting the future that you are working towards. It can also mean that victory is handed to you if the goal lines up with your own authenticity and unique soul,which I can see how that might translate in some books as failure but it definately needs to be reworded for those of us that take things very much at face value. Much like my friend said,this card is also all about you being the main character in your own story and holding your head high in the face of adversity and having the courage to look forward With objectivity and vision rather than getting lost in emotion.

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