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A Deeper Look Into The Cards In The Tarot I Despise- The 4 of Cups

So let me start out by saying, I don't actually hate these cards that I'm writing about in what I expect will be an ongoing series. I am perplexed and hungry for more information's and wisdom on them and so I intentionally spend time extra time mulling them over. My hope is that my insights can help the person reading this series as well. So like I said, I don't hate the 4 of cups it's just that whenever it comes up it, 1. Stalks me for months and then 2. I always hear the equivalent of the Windows Error sound in my head because every time I am dumbfounded, stumped, aghast, appalled etc. When I was first learning tarot I was told that this card is about discontentment or basically a card that signals that I'm not being grateful enough for where I'm at. So imagine my surprise when I at the ripe age of 30 get this card for a month straight while I'm in a time of my life where I'm basically pumping gratitude and self love affirmations through my veins.

Being A Cap rising you can imagine that patience is something I struggle with a bit but I was in meditation with this card and I had to think about my situation and why the 4 of cups might be coming up other than screaming gratitude in my ear. I came up with another possible meaning of the card, the man in the 4 of cups is staring at 3 cups in front of him and there is a hand reaching out from the sky with a fourth cup. His view of the cups could be seen as being discontent and therefore so stuck on figuring out the proverbial puzzle in front of him in a way that he thinks will be best that he completely misses the possibility of the alternate route being handed to him. But what if that is untrue? What if the 3 cups are actually the whole puzzle to unlocking the 4th cup? What if the 4 of cups is not simply saying "be grateful and find peace in where you are at right now". What if it is saying before you can pass through to your next upgrade you must finish unfinished business? That you're missing a step? Could this be another way of just saying be grateful? Sure. However I think the 4 of cups is really asking us not to make up opportunities where maybe there aren't and on the other hand, not to miss the ability to internally grow and cut out some things before we get that fourth cup. We are getting the element of air and water in this card, and I think that really speaks to the idea that we must use that emotional, psychic and creative energy to open ourselves up and be a vessel for the answers all around us so that we can level up mentally (air) and there fore see the invisible potential and go forward on our next adventure.

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