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A Deeper Look Into The Cards In The Tarot I Despise- The 10 of Swords

Awh, the infamous 10 of Swords. Unlike the previous installment of this series the 4 of Cups, when I get this card, I won't lie my stomach drops into my ass a little. However, me and the 10 of swords have been getting to know each other a lot more intimately lately and so I am slowly learning to take a pause and detach from emotions and fear and simply do what I call " breathing into the pain". Awhile ago I dated a Scorpio who was an MMA fighter and at the time of us dating he got into a bar fight (I swear this is tieing back into the 10 of swords). In this fight he said that he ended up catching his opponent off balance and off guard by running towards his opponent rather than going on the defensive and taking a literal step backward to create space from the source of pain. Instead he ambushed and crowded his opponent which you can imagine would startle anyone who just threw a punch, that now the person you were trying to injure is now running toward you rather than away. It goes against every human instinct to preserve life and survive. While in meditation I thought about this story all over again when dissecting the message of the 10 of swords.

In this card we see a figure laying on the ground, face away from the viewer looking into a sunset or sunrise (I see both) with 10 swords in their back. the attacker(s) are nowhere to be found and the card gives off an ominous silence and eerie peace. The overkill of the attack is over and now the figure is left to only reflect and lay still as his life force is released. Gravity takes its hold on the swords as they sink in deeper to the body of the figure and they dare not tense up or resist else they risk causing themselves more pain. There is nothing left to do now other then surrender and let the soul free itself into the light of reincarnation, a new cycle, a new day the horizon of the great beyond and unknown. True the figures body is dieing, yet the true essence of them is free to now transcend and rise. In their last moments they are at peace with how this attack and ending came to be, every step and moment that lead up to this time flashes by in their mind. Then the last breath is had, the body surrenders into the pain and the peace of the ending. Many times when this card shows up I (and perhaps you reading this) instinctively tense because we know even though this cycle or even needs to end, endings (especially this one) can be painful. But the 10 of swords has that sunrise to signal the promise of a new beginning that starts with the sun setting on the events that we may have unknowingly been running from and hence trying to keep alive and preserve because we have attached them to us. The message is very similar in my mind to Neptune as a planet and the Hanged Man in the tarot. The message in this card, much like the fight my ex partner encountered is to stop taking steps back and instead face the pain, surrender to it and find your peace with detaching from it so that you may rise to a new beginning that comes after the battle and catapults you into a higher vision and new path.

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