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A Child of The Infinite Source

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

This next few weeks as we enter Taurus season there is an underlying theme of having the courage for our worth. Many, when they think of their worth, often think of things like the amount they get paid for work they do, or perhaps something related to how their friends and family treat them (deserving more or less etc.) However these are but mere reflections of a much greater quantum, and multi-dimensional soul dynamic at play here on this planet, and in this reality.

Your true value and worth, is most likely far beyond what your imagination can even dream up, because it cannot even be contained within this Universe. Our true value and worth is based on the fact that within each one of us, we are a Child of Source Creator, an infinite creator in our own right.

We are in the Aquarian age now, Saturns ancient wounded patriarchal and looking outside of ourselves to priests to get to God, or Banks to give us permission to to business is over. First father An, also known as Uranus, has returned to bring everyones awareness into the Quantum and Cosmic. It’s time for the Starseed’s to remember that they are Star Systems, and source their own inner light and energy, to become their own banks, their own priests, gods, and governments.

This world we see around us, is mostly just a complex reflection of our own inner light, power, and source.

The experiences we often have to get us to where we are now, childhood, past lives etc… In these experiences, we can look to our wounded human parents for reflections of our worth, or media, or religion, or all sorts of distorted reflections. These distorted templates like cracked Krystals are then what our souls inner light shines through thus continuing to reflect those things back to us. Since we may have choose to forget that inner source for various reasons, can bring us experiences where through trauma, programming, or conditioning, we give away aspects of our energy, our light, our sovereign power, to people, places, things, ideas, gods, drugs, governments…. The list goes on.

When we see any of these things as having some sort of power over us, Each time this happens, we take from our own inner Bank of Source Creator energy, and give away a portion of our worth, or true value, which is infinite, but we fall for our own trick that this is not so, like hiding portions of money around the house, and then forgetting, and convincing ourselves that we are broke.

We can of course go back and collect these pieces of ourselves, within, and bring all those portions of our self worth back to us.

The deepest well of course for self worth, is connecting to our true, father, mother source within. That infinite well within, that knows no matter what happens, where we are, that we are cared for, and loved unconditionally. The more we connect with this true organic blueprint, and recollect these aspects of our self, the more empowerment we have to give us the courage we need to choose actions in alignment with Inner Goddess Source and self love. Then, that will be reflected back to us, and our reality will start to shape and form around that frequency and blueprint.

In particular over the next few weeks, we will be called to take our power and sovereignty back from any past addictive relationship reflections we have still been stuck in loops on, we are also asked to have faith and courage in the divine within, to act on our true souls mission and purpose. The other place we are being asked to really step up, is in our ability to speak, or sing our true worth and our soul song into being. Tapping into that inner creative genius that can give voice to that inner magician.

If you are seeking some multidimensional guidance, try connecting to the Hathor Collective, an ancient Galactic collective and force light and sound in creation. Their wisdom may be able to assist in shedding some light on how to step more fully into your own light, and give it voice as well.

For a deeper dive into this, I will be speaking on the Hathors, perhaps getting into a channeling, plant wisdom that may assist, along with more specific downloads that may assist in navigating this next phase, along with assisting in tapping one deeper into the frequencies of the Courage for your worth, on the Mystic Illuminations Youtube this month. Hope to see you there, and blessings on your journey.

With Love,

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- Astara Inrstelr -

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