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777 and Ascending Triggers

Affirmation: I will look for the signs that tell me a trigger is coming. Common signs 707, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777,787, 797

Yes there is a reason you are seeing this right now! Because you too are seeing 7's and this will give you an extra push to know what the universe is trying to tell you. Here is a breakdown of what 7's could mean on your spiritual path!

707 - Correctly taking a step back and noticing the change in energy.

717 - Moving in the correct direction to transcend your trigger or a situation.

727- You have recognized that you are being tested spiritually.

737- You should talk with someone because they require closure to ascend this trigger or situation.

747- You have shown compassion and are moving towards transcendence or ascension of a trigger or situation.

757- You are being tested with the same trigger in a different way. Pay attention.

767- You are clearly looking at a situation and have the knowledge to ascend the situation.

777- Congratulations! Celebrate yourself for evolving to a new level of consciousness. You have increased your vibration allowing for new opportunities and people to vibe with on the same frequency.

787- You have created a way to create abundance or wealth from this trigger or situation.

797- This particular trigger or situation has come to an end. Ending on a higher vibration of understanding.

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