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Pharaoh Nefertem

Pharaoh Nefertem

Born with deadly asthma Pharaoh battled with breathing his whole life. At the age of
eight he read the book “The Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About” and
learned that there was something off with the way the system worked, but being so
young he did not have the capacity to innerstand what he was reading fully. He was in
and out of the hospital for years, put on a ventilator, fell unconscious multiple times from
asthma attacks, all the while knowing that there was a way to heal himself.
Fast forward to 2020 and he is studying Young Pharaoh’s and Herbalist Kareem’s
lectures and learned that there is way more to this world than meets the eye. During this

time he has another asthma attack; scared to go to the hospital during the Pandemic he
took his peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils and doused himself in it. It took some
time but after about an hour or two he noticed that the essential oils were helping cease
the attack. That was his first sign.

The second sign also came in 2020, when the lockdowns happened. Mainstream Media
was saying that people with underlying health conditions were at risk, and with that
belief he went into a depression and locked himself in the house. Over the next 30-45
days he went on a fast and ate only vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. By the end of
the third week, he went from 10-20 puffs a day down to 0-1 puff; the only reason he took
that one puff was all mental, no longer physical. That was his second sign.
The third sign came in the form of educating himself in the science and art of Herbology.

Through further research he learned about the greats, Bobby Hemmit, Sista Myra Ross,
Dr Jewel Pookrum etc. Among them was the great Dr. Llaila Afrika. Pharaoh had
purchased his book “The Complete Textbook of Holistic Self Diagnosis”. He skimmed
through the book and saw a section about Astrology. Not knowing much about the stars
he did not give it much thought. A short while later he runs into The Peace Dealer on
YouTube and becomes a fan. After some time he remembers that he has a book that
teaches Astrology. He returns to the book, studies it, gives himself a reading and can
clearly see why he went through those years of bad health. Shortly after he starts to
give free readings and here we are today.

His history with electrical engineering, sales and dance helped him quickly get up to
speed and interpret charts. Overtime he finds patterns within this science and with his
knowledge on Herbology he is now able to create custom herbal blends according to
clients; natal placements, and teach corrective lifestyle habits. He can also provide
Mudras, Cymatic Frequencies, Nutrition Guides, Essential Oil Blends and more
specifically based on your Natal Placements. He also gives multiple types of

Tarot Readings.

His goal is to show people that there is another way out of these constant meetings with
death. All forms of healing have their place but some are unnecessary for many people.
We don’t have to experience the suffering that we do. Your food, your environment,
your mental state, and your natal placements all affect your health. We must get in
harmony with ourselves so we can achieve optimal health on a cellular level.
In the future he plans on continuing his research and education, becoming a
Naturopathic Doctor and teaching more about the ancient sciences and arts.

Please follow him on Instagram and YouTube using the tag @PharaohNefertem.

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